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Fillinger, Laura; Janussen, Dorte; Lundälv, Tomas; Richter, Claudio (2013): R script and data for the analysis of sponges and asteroids abundances and sponges biomass. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Fillinger, L et al. (2013): Rapid Glass Sponge Expansion after Climate-Induced Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse. Current Biology, 23(14), 1330-1334,

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Script and necessary data (subtransects size , organisms counts, size and mass) to compute the abundance of sponges and asteroids and the biomass of sponges on the 2007 (PS69/724-1) and 2011 (PS77/253-1) ROV transects. The Zip-archive contains a more detailled description of the script content and the various steps to obtain the data.
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