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Channell, James E T; Stoner, Joseph S; Hodell, David A; Charles, Christopher D (2013): Paleomagnetic measurements from four piston cores from the Agulhas ridge and Meteor Rise (South Atlantic). PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Channell, JET et al. (2000): Geomagnetic paleointensity for the last 100 kyr from the sub-antarctic South Atlantic: a tool for inter-hemispheric correlation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 175(1-2), 145-160,

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We report relative paleointensity proxy records from four piston cores collected near the Agulhas Ridge and Meteor Rise (South Atlantic). The mean sedimentation rate of the cores varies from 24 cm/kyr to 11 cm/kyr. The two cores with mean sedimentation rates over 20 cm/kyr record positive remanence inclinations at 40-41 ka coeval with the Laschamp Event. Age models are based on oxygen isotope data from three of the cores, augmented by radiocarbon ages from nearby Core RC11-83, and by correlation of paleointensity records for the one core with no oxygen isotope data. The relative paleointensity proxy records are the first from the South Atlantic and from the high to mid-latitude southern hemisphere. Prominent paleointensity lows at ?40 ka and ?65 ka, as well as many other features, can be correlated to paleointensity records of comparable resolution from the northern hemisphere. The records are attributable, in large part, to the global-scale field, and therefore have potential for inter-hemispheric correlation at a resolution difficult to achieve with isotope data alone.
Median Latitude: -42.542875 * Median Longitude: 8.320083 * South-bound Latitude: -47.096833 * West-bound Longitude: 5.916167 * North-bound Latitude: -40.934000 * East-bound Longitude: 9.894167
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