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Taylor, Michelle L; Yesson, Chris; Agnew, David, J; Mitchell, Rebecca E; Rogers, Alex David (2013): Raster grids detailing the benthic environment of South Georgia. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Taylor, ML et al. (2013): Using fisheries by-catch data to predict octocoral habitat suitability around South Georgia. Journal of Biogeography, 40(9), 1688-1701,

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This dataset contains raster grids in GeoTIFF format describing the benthic environment of South Georgia. The data include topographic layers that are directly calculated from a bathymetry grid (Slope, Aspect, Roughness, Slope, Terrain Ruggedness Index, Topographic Position Index). A benthic classification of the area is included, based on topographic layers. Also included are sea-bed environmental layers that are interpolated from global three dimensional grids (Alkalinity, Apparent Oxygen Utilisation, Omega Aragonite, Omega Calcite, Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrate, pH, Phosphate, Salinity, Silicate, Temperature, and Total CO2). These layers were used to construct a habitat suitability model for Octocorallia. The geographic extent is 43°57'56.65"W - 33°45'38.19"W and 52°47'29.50"S - 56° 9'11.03"S. The spatial resolution is 150m x 150m (except for benthic classification wihch is 450m x 450m). The map projection is EPSG:3762.

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