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Choudhury, Madhumita; Brandt, Angelika (2009): (Table 2) Benthic isopod species of the Ross Sea, their bathymetry and distribution in the Southern Ocean. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Choudhury, M; Brandt, A (2009): Benthic isopods (Crustacea, Malacostraca) from the Ross Sea, Antarctica: species checklist and their zoogeography in the Southern Ocean. Polar Biology, 32(4), 599-610,

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Median Latitude: -61.047063 * Median Longitude: -179.642200 * South-bound Latitude: -82.000000 * West-bound Longitude: 0.000000 * North-bound Latitude: -46.700000 * East-bound Longitude: -36.884100
Date/Time Start: 2003-11-01T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2006-02-28T00:00:00
Bellinghausen_Sea * Latitude: -71.040000 * Longitude: -84.960000 * Location: Antarctica * Device: Multiple investigations (MULT)
Campbell_Is * Latitude: -52.489900 * Longitude: 169.084700 * Location: Antarctica * Device: Multiple investigations (MULT)
Crozet_Is * Latitude: -46.700000 * Longitude: 52.050000 * Location: Southwest Indian Ocean * Device: Biology (BIO)
Besides a literature-based research, material from the 19th Italica expedition was used to enlarge the species list. This expedition took place in February 2004. Abundance as follows: + = present, - = absent.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Event labelEvent
2Latitude of eventLatitude
3Longitude of eventLongitude
4Area/localityAreaChoudhury, Madhumita
5CodeCodeChoudhury, Madhumitaarea
6Geographic name/localityLocalityChoudhury, Madhumita
7Accalathura sp.Accalathura sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 230 m
8Accalathura sp.Accalathura sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 2; depth 235-421 m
9Acutiserolis spinosaA. spinosaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 500-900 m
10Aega antarcticaA. antarcticaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 40-710m
11Aega glacialisA. glacialisChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 15-700 m
12Antarcturus furcatusA. furcatusChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 4-3,065 m
13Antarcturus horridus horridusA. horridus horridusChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 5-560 m
14Antarcturus polarisA. polarisChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 10-600 m
15Antarcturus sp.Antarcturus sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 366 m
16Antarcturus sp.Antarcturus sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 2; depth 366 m
17Antarcturus spinacoronatusA. spinacoronatusChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 191-481 m
18Austrimunna antarcticaA. antarcticaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 12-15 m
19Austrofilius furcatusA. furcatusChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 0-40 m
20Austrofilius sp.Austrofilius sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 84-316m
21Austrofilius sp.Austrofilius sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 2; depth 84-515m
22Austronanus cf. glacialisA. cf. glacialisChoudhury, Madhumitadepth unknown
23Austroniscus ovalisA. ovalisChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 70-358 m
24Austroniscus sp.Austroniscus sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 366-410 m
25Austrosignum glacialeA. glacialeChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 12-385 m
26Austrosignum sp.Austrosignum sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. nov.; depth 84-515m
27Caecognathia hodgsoniC. hodgsoniChoudhury, Madhumitadepth unknown
28Caecognathia polarisC. polarisChoudhury, Madhumitadepth unknown
29Ceratoserolis trilobitoidesC. trilobitoidesChoudhury, Madhumitadepth unknown
30Chaetarcturus frankliniC. frankliniChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 50-500 m
31Chaetarcturus adareanusC. adareanusChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 45-650 m
32Cirolana mclaughlinaeC. mclaughlinaeChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 451 m
33Coperonus sp.Coperonus sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 84-410m
34Coulmannia australisC. australisChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 183-400 m
35Coulmannia frigidaC. frigidaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 91-385 m
36Coulmannia sp.Coulmannia sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 84-385
37Cryosignum lunatumC. lunatumChoudhury, Madhumitadepth unknown
38Cymodocella tubicaudaC. tubicaudaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 0-245 m
39Desmosoma sp.Desmosoma sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 208-410m
40Desmosoma sp.Desmosoma sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 2; depth 208-458 m
41Desmosoma sp.Desmosoma sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 3; depth 364-366 m
42Disconectes sp.Disconectes sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 235-458 m
43Dolichiscus acanthaspidusD. acanthaspidusChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 55-481 m
44Dolichiscus hiemalisD. hiemalisChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 24-159m
45Dolichiscus meridionalisD. meridionalisChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 24-2000 m
46Dolichiscus profundusD. profundusChoudhury, Madhumitadepth unknown
47Dolichiscus sp.Dolichiscus sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 84 m
48Ectias sp.Ectias sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 421 m
49Ectias turquetiE. turquetiChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 12-15 m
50Edotia tangaroaE. tangaroaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 130m
51Eisothistos antarcticusE. antarcticusChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 46-385 m
52Eugerdella serrataE. serrataChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 1,121 m
53Eugerdella sp.Eugerdella sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 316-474m
54Euneognathia gigasE. gigasChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 180-284m
55Eurycope sp.Eurycope sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 196-458 m
56Fissarcturus rossiF. rossiChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 205-220 m
57Fissarcturus sp.Fissarcturus sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 84-353 m
58Fissarcturus sp.Fissarcturus sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 2; depth 366-458 m
59Fissarcturus sp.Fissarcturus sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 3; depth 316-458m
60Fissarcturus sp.Fissarcturus sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 4; depth 474 m
61Frontoserolis acuminataF. acuminataChoudhury, Madhumitadepth unknown
62Glyptonotos antarcticusG. antarcticusChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 0-580 m
63Haploniscus sp.Haploniscus sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 458 m
64Harrietonana sp.Harrietonana sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 391 m
65Ianthopsis bovalliI. bovalliChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 12-457 m
66Ianthopsis multispinosaI. multispinosaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 385 m
67Ianthopsis nasicornisI. nasicornisChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 75-385 m
68Ianthopsis ruseriI. ruseriChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 385 m
69Ilyarachna antarcticaI. antarcticaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 252-7000 m
70Jaeropsis antarcticaJ. antarcticaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 210-1408m
71Janira sp.Janira sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 84-421 m
72Janirella sp.Janirella sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 84-458 m
73Kikolana arnaudiK. arnaudiChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 13-20m
74Kussakinella spinosaK. spinosaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 17m
75Lionectes sp.Lionectes sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 364-458 m
76Litarcturus lilleiL. lilleiChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 67-560 m
77Mastigoniscus sp.Mastigoniscus sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 421 m
78Mirabilicoxa sp.Mirabilicoxa sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 208-474 m
79Mirabilicoxa sp.Mirabilicoxa sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 2; depth 84-458 m
80Munna amphicaudaM. amphicaudaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 483-561 m
81Munna antarcticaM. antarcticaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 2-310m
82Munna globicaudaM. globicaudaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 350-385 m
83Munna maculataM. maculataChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 22-141 m
84Munna neglectaM. neglectaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 22-600 m
85Munna sp.Munna sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 196-515 m
86Munna sp.Munna sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 2; depth 196-515 m
87Munna sp.Munna sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 3; depth 196-515 m
88Munna sp.Munna sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 4; depth 196-515 m
89Munna sp.Munna sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 5; depth 208-515 m
90Munna spicataM. spicataChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 240-522 m
91Munna studeriM. studeriChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 0-210m
92Munneurycope sp.Munneurycope sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 316-410 m
93Munnogonium sp.Munnogonium sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 353-410 m
94Nannoniscus bidensN. bidensChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 385 m
95Nannoniscus sp.Nannoniscus sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 196-366 m
96Nannoniscus sp.Nannoniscus sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 2; depth 364-366 m
97Nannoniscus sp.Nannoniscus sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 3; depth 410 m
98Natatolana albinotaN. albinotaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 35-670 m
99Natatolana intermediaN. intermediaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 385 m
100Natatolana merdionalisN. merdionalisChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 385 m
101Neojaera antarcticaN. antarcticaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 1-700 m
102Notasellus sarsiN. sarsiChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 4-230 m
103Notopais sp.Notopais sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 196-230 m
104Notopais magnificaN. magnificaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 380-385 m
105Notopais spinosaN. spinosaChoudhury, Madhumitadepth unknown
106Notoxenus sp.Notoxenus sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 235-458 m
107Notoxenus sp.Notoxenus sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 2; depth 196-515m
108Omanana sp.Omanana sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 235 m
109Omanana sp.Omanana sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 2; depth 230-515m
110Pagonana hodgsoniP. hodgsoniChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 0-45 m
111Pagonana rostrataP. rostrataChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 0-569 m
112Paramunnidae sp.Paramunnidae sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. nov; depth 84-353 m
113Palanana serrataP. serrataChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 7-40 m
114Paranthura sp.Paranthura sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 235-410m
115Paranthura sp.Paranthura sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 2; depth 391 m
116Pleurogonium sp.Pleurogonium sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 84-410m
117Pleurosignum elongatumP. elongatumChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 84-515m
118Pleurosignum magnumP. magnumChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 235-458 m
119Pseuderdella sp.Pseuderdella sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 364 m
120Regabellator sp.Regabellator sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 410m
121Santia mawsoniS. mawsoniChoudhury, Madhumitadepth 0-40 m
122Santia charcotiS. charcotiChoudhury, Madhumita
123Santia sp.Santia sp.Choudhury, Madhumitasp. 1; depth 119-458m
1800 data points

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