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Callaghan, Terry V; Christensen, Torben R; Jantzen, Elin J (2011): (Supplement Table 3) Percentage cover abundance of plants recorded at the Fell-field Site on Disko Island. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Callaghan, TV et al. (2011): Plant and Vegetation Dynamics on Disko Island, West Greenland: Snapshots Separated by Over 40 Years. AMBIO, 40(6), 624-637,

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Latitude: 69.259150 * Longitude: -53.519830
Date/Time Start: 1967-01-01T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2009-01-01T00:00:00
Minimum Elevation: 128.0 m * Maximum Elevation: 128.0 m
Qeqertarsuaq_fell-field (Godhavn) * Latitude: 69.259150 * Longitude: -53.519830 * Elevation: 128.0 m * Location: Disko Island, West Greenland * Device: Biology (BIO)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
2Saxifraga tricuspidataS. tricuspidata%Callaghan, Terry V
3Campanula gieseckinana gieseckianaC. gieseckinana gieseckiana%Callaghan, Terry V
4Campanula unifloraC. uniflora%Callaghan, Terry V
5Draba norvegicaD. norvegica%Callaghan, Terry V
6Luzula confusaL. confusa%Callaghan, Terry V
7Minuartia rubellaM. rubella%Callaghan, Terry V
8Papaver radicatumP. radicatum%Callaghan, Terry V
9Pedicularis hirsutaP. hirsuta%Callaghan, Terry V
10Luzula arcticaL. arctica%Callaghan, Terry V
11Carex spp.Carex ssp.%Callaghan, Terry V
12Cerastium alpinumC. alpinum%Callaghan, Terry Vssp.
13Saxifraga oppositifoliaS. oppositifolia%Callaghan, Terry V
14Grass, coverGrass cov%Callaghan, Terry V
15Salix glauca calicarpeaS. glauca calicarpea%Callaghan, Terry V
16Silene acaulisS. acaulis%Callaghan, Terry V
17Pedicularis flammeaP. flammea%Callaghan, Terry V
18Betula nanaB. nana%Callaghan, Terry V
19Diapensia lapponicaD. lapponica%Callaghan, Terry V
20Potentilla vahlianaP. vahliana%Callaghan, Terry V
21Polygonum viviparumP. viviparum%Callaghan, Terry V
22Dryas integrifoliaD. integrifolia%Callaghan, Terry V
23Vaccinium uliginosumV. uliginosum%Callaghan, Terry V
24LichenLichen%Callaghan, Terry Vadditional details
25Aulocomnium turgidumA. turgidum%Callaghan, Terry Vadditional details
26Bryum sp.Bryum sp.%Callaghan, Terry Vadditional details
27Dicranum sp.Dicranum sp.%Callaghan, Terry Vadditional details
28Grimmia sp.Grimmia sp.%Callaghan, Terry Vadditional details
29Polytrichum piliferumP. piliferum%Callaghan, Terry Vadditional details
30Rhacomitrium lanuginosumR. lanuginosum%Callaghan, Terry Vadditional details
31Bare groundbare%Callaghan, Terry Vincl. moss and lichen; additional details
59 data points

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