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Hahn, Sabine; Rodolfo-Metalpa, Riccardo; Griesshaber, Erika; Schmahl, Wolfgang W; Buhl, Dieter; Hall-Spencer, Jason M; Baggini, Cecilia; Fehr, Karl T; Immenhauser, Adrian (2012): (Table S2) Results of microprobe analysis maps (total area) of Mytilus galloprovincialis at the experimental site B1. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Hahn, S et al. (2012): Marine bivalve shell geochemistry and ultrastructure from modern low pH environments: environmental effect versus experimental bias. Biogeosciences, 9, 1897-1914,

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Latitude: 40.729970 * Longitude: 13.963340
Ischia_B1 (ES) * Latitude: 40.729970 * Longitude: 13.963340 * Location: East coast of Ischia, Italia * Method/Device: Sampling by hand (HAND) * Comment: experimental site
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Sample code/labelSample labelImmenhauser, Adrianmicroprobe analysis map
2BariumBa%Immenhauser, Adrianmin
3BariumBa%Immenhauser, Adrianmax
4BariumBa%Immenhauser, Adrian
5Barium, standard deviationBa std dev±Immenhauser, Adrian
6BariumBamg/kgImmenhauser, Adrianmax
7CalciumCa%Immenhauser, Adrianmin
8CalciumCa%Immenhauser, Adrianmax
9CalciumCa%Immenhauser, Adrian
10Calcium, standard deviationCa std dev±Immenhauser, Adrian
11CalciumCamg/kgImmenhauser, Adrianmax
12ChlorineCl%Immenhauser, Adrianmin
13ChlorineCl%Immenhauser, Adrianmax
14ChlorineCl%Immenhauser, Adrian
15Chlorine, standard deviationCl std dev±Immenhauser, Adrian
16ChlorineClmg/kgImmenhauser, Adrianmax
17IronFe%Immenhauser, Adrianmin
18IronFe%Immenhauser, Adrianmax
19IronFe%Immenhauser, Adrian
20Iron, standard deviationFe std dev±Immenhauser, Adrian
21IronFemg/kgImmenhauser, Adrianmax
22MagnesiumMg%Immenhauser, Adrianmin
23MagnesiumMg%Immenhauser, Adrianmax
24MagnesiumMg%Immenhauser, Adrian
25Magnesium, standard deviationMg std dev±Immenhauser, Adrian
26MagnesiumMgmg/kgImmenhauser, Adrianmax
27ManganeseMn%Immenhauser, Adrianmin
28ManganeseMn%Immenhauser, Adrianmax
29ManganeseMn%Immenhauser, Adrian
30Manganese, standard deviationMn std dev±Immenhauser, Adrian
31ManganeseMnmg/kgImmenhauser, Adrianmax
32SodiumNa%Immenhauser, Adrianmin
33SodiumNa%Immenhauser, Adrianmax
34SodiumNa%Immenhauser, Adrian
35Sodium, standard deviationNa std dev±Immenhauser, Adrian
36SodiumNamg/kgImmenhauser, Adrianmax
37PhosphorusP%Immenhauser, Adrianmin
38PhosphorusP%Immenhauser, Adrianmax
39PhosphorusP%Immenhauser, Adrian
40Phosphorus, standard deviationP std dev±Immenhauser, Adrian
41PhosphorusPmg/kgImmenhauser, Adrianmax
42SiliconSi%Immenhauser, Adrianmin
43SiliconSi%Immenhauser, Adrianmax
44SiliconSi%Immenhauser, Adrian
45Silicon, standard deviationSi std dev±Immenhauser, Adrian
46SiliconSimg/kgImmenhauser, Adrianmax
47StrontiumSr%Immenhauser, Adrianmin
48StrontiumSr%Immenhauser, Adrianmax
49StrontiumSr%Immenhauser, Adrian
50Strontium, standard deviationSr std dev±Immenhauser, Adrian
51StrontiumSrmg/kgImmenhauser, Adrianmax
357 data points

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