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Borghini, Francesca; Colacevich, Andrea; Caruso, Tancredi; Bargagli, Roberto (2008): (Table 1) Surface water chemistry of northern Victoria Land lakes. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Borghini, F et al. (2008): Temporal variation in the water chemistry of northern Victoria Land lakes (Antarctica). Aquatic Sciences, 70(2), 134-141,

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Concentrations of major ions, silicate and nutrients (total N and P) were measured in samples of surface water from 28 lakes in ice-free areas of northern Victoria Land (East Antarctica). Sixteen lakes were sampled during austral summers 2001/02, 2003/04, 2004/05 and 2005/06 to assess temporal variation in water chemistry. Although samples showed a wide range in ion concentrations, their composition mainly reflected that of seawater. In general, as the distance from the sea increased, the input of elements from the marine environment (through aerosols and seabirds) decreased and there was an increase in nitrate and sulfate concentrations. Antarctic lakes lack outflows and during the austral summer the melting and/or ablation of ice cover, water evaporation and leaching processes in dry soils determine a progressive increase in water ion concentrations. During the five-year monitoring survey, no statistically significant variation in the water chemistry were detected, except for a slight (hardly significant) increase in TN concentrations. However, Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA) indicated that other factors besides distance from the sea, the presence of nesting seabirds, the sampling time and percentage of ice cover affect the composition of water in Antarctic cold desert environments.
Latitude: -75.000000 * Longitude: 163.000000
Minimum DEPTH, water: 0.1 m * Maximum DEPTH, water: 0.1 m
N-VictoriaL_lakes * Latitude: -75.000000 * Longitude: 163.000000 * Location: Victoria Land, Antarctica * Device: Water sample (WS)
Data extracted in the frame of a joint ICSTI/PANGAEA IPY effort, see
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Sampling dateSampling dateBorghini, Francesca
2Sample amountN#Borghini, Francescano. of lakes
3DEPTH, waterDepth watermGeocode
4pHpHBorghini, Francescamean
5pH, standard deviationpH std dev±Borghini, Francesca
6pHpHBorghini, Francescamin
7pHpHBorghini, Francescamax
8Conductivity, electricalCond electrµS/cmBorghini, Francescamean
9Conductivity, standard deviationCond std dev±Borghini, Francesca
10Conductivity, electricalCond electrµS/cmBorghini, Francescamin
11Conductivity, electricalCond electrµS/cmBorghini, Francescamax
12ChlorideCl-mg/lBorghini, Francescamean
13Chloride, standard deviationCl std dev±Borghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)
14ChlorideCl-mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)min
15ChlorideCl-mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)max
16Nitrate[NO3]-mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)mean
17Nitrate, standard deviationNO3 std dev±Borghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)
18Nitrate[NO3]-mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)min
19Nitrate[NO3]-mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)max
20Sulfate[SO4]2-mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)mean
21Sulfate, standard deviationSO4 std dev±Borghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)
22Sulfate[SO4]2-mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)min
23Sulfate[SO4]2-mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)max
24SodiumNa+mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)mean
25Sodium, standard deviationNa std dev±Borghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)
26SodiumNa+mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)min
27SodiumNa+mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)max
28PotassiumK+mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)mean
29Potassium, standard deviationK std dev±Borghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)
30PotassiumK+mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)min
31PotassiumK+mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)max
32MagnesiumMg2+mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)mean
33Magnesium, standard deviationMg std dev±Borghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)
34MagnesiumMg2+mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)min
35MagnesiumMg2+mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)max
36CalciumCa2+mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)mean
37Calcium, standard deviationCa std dev±Borghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)
38CalciumCa2+mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)min
39CalciumCa2+mg/lBorghini, FrancescaIon chromatography DX-120 (Dionex Corp.)max
40SiliconSimg/lBorghini, FrancescaUV/VIS Spectrometermean
41Silicon, standard deviationSi std dev±Borghini, FrancescaUV/VIS Spectrometer
42SiliconSimg/lBorghini, FrancescaUV/VIS Spectrometermin
43SiliconSimg/lBorghini, FrancescaUV/VIS Spectrometermax
44Nitrogen, totalTNmg/lBorghini, FrancescaUV/VIS Spectrometermean
45Nitrogen, total, standard deviationTN std dev±Borghini, FrancescaUV/VIS Spectrometer
46Nitrogen, totalTNmg/lBorghini, FrancescaUV/VIS Spectrometermin
47Nitrogen, totalTNmg/lBorghini, FrancescaUV/VIS Spectrometermax
48Phosphorus, totalTPmg/lBorghini, FrancescaUV/VIS Spectrometermean
49Phosphorus, standard deviationP std dev±Borghini, FrancescaUV/VIS Spectrometer
50Phosphorus, totalTPmg/lBorghini, FrancescaUV/VIS Spectrometermin
51Phosphorus, totalTPmg/lBorghini, FrancescaUV/VIS Spectrometermax
52Nitrogen/Phosphorus ratioN/PBorghini, FrancescaUV/VIS Spectrometermean
53Nitrogen/Phosphorus ratioN/PBorghini, FrancescaUV/VIS Spectrometermin
54Nitrogen/Phosphorus ratioN/PBorghini, FrancescaUV/VIS Spectrometermax
212 data points

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