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Markl, Gerhard (1979): Table 1: Mass budget of Hintereisferner and Kesselwandferner. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Markl, G (1979): Neue Massenhaushaltswerte von Hintereisferner und Kesselwandferner 1975/76-1977/78. Zeitschrift für Gletscherkunde und Glazialgeologie, 15(1), 95-99, hdl:10013/epic.40225.d001

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Results of the direct, glaciological determination of the mass budget of Hintereisferner and Kesselwandferner in the Ötztal Alps are summarized for the years 1075/76-1977/78. Tabulations of budget quantities, accumulation and ablation areas are supplemented by graphs of altitudinal, and areal distribution of mass balance and by examples of the seasonal course of ablation.
Median Latitude: 46.824860 * Median Longitude: 10.781405 * South-bound Latitude: 46.804720 * West-bound Longitude: 10.773610 * North-bound Latitude: 46.845000 * East-bound Longitude: 10.789200
Date/Time Start: 1975-01-01T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1977-01-01T00:00:00
Minimum Elevation: 2450.0 m * Maximum Elevation: 3700.0 m
HEF (Hintereisferner) * Latitude: 46.804720 * Longitude: 10.773610 * Elevation Start: 2450.0 m * Elevation End: 3700.0 m * Location: Hintereisferner, Ötztaler Alpen, Austria * Comment: Area: 7.8 km**2
KWF (Kesselwandferner) * Latitude: 46.845000 * Longitude: 10.789200 * Elevation Start: 2700.0 m * Elevation End: 3500.0 m * Location: Kesselwandferner, Ötztaler Alpen, Austria * Method/Device: Sampling/measurements on glacier (GLAC) * Comment: Area: 3.9 km**2
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Event labelEvent
3Date/time endDate/time endMarkl, Gerhard
4Accumulation areaSckm2Markl, Gerhard
5Mass balance in accumulation areaBc106 m3Markl, Gerhard
6Ablation areaSakm2Markl, Gerhard
7Mass balance in ablation areaBa106 m3Markl, Gerhard
8Total areaSkm2Markl, Gerhard
9Mass balance, totalB106 m3Markl, Gerhard
10Specific mass balancebkg/m2Markl, Gerhard
11Equilibrium line altitudeELAm a.s.l.Markl, Gerhard
45 data points

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