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Boetius, Antje; Albrecht, Sebastian; Bakker, Karel; Bienhold, Christina; Felden, Janine; Fernández-Méndez, Mar; Hendricks, Stefan; Katlein, Christian; Lalande, Catherine; Krumpen, Thomas; Nicolaus, Marcel; Peeken, Ilka; Rabe, Benjamin; Rogacheva, Antonina; Rybakova, Elena; Somavilla Cabrillo, Raquel; Wenzhöfer, Frank; ARK-XXVII/3 Shipboard Scientific Party (2013): Export of algal biomass from the melting Arctic sea ice. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Boetius, A et al. (2013): Export of algal biomass from the melting Arctic sea ice. Science, 339(6126), 1430-1432,

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In the Arctic, under-ice primary production is limited to summer months and is not only restricted by ice thickness and snow cover but also by the stratification of the water column, which constrains nutrient supply for algal growth. RV Polarstern visited the ice-covered Eastern Central basins between 82 to 89°N and 30 to 130°E in summer 2012 when Arctic sea ice declined to a record minimum. During this cruise, we observed a widespread deposition of ice algal biomass of on average 9 g C per m**2 to the deep-sea floor of the Central Arctic basins. Data from this cruise will contribute to assessing the impact of current climate change on Arctic productivity, biodiversity, and ecological function.
Median Latitude: 83.708395 * Median Longitude: 68.787401 * South-bound Latitude: 53.563960 * West-bound Longitude: -0.283532 * North-bound Latitude: 89.291678 * East-bound Longitude: 136.977443
Date/Time Start: 2012-08-02T09:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2012-10-08T06:00:00
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- Physical oceanography from CTD casts (Rabe et al.): doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.802904
- Sea ice conditions (Hendricks et al.): doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.803221
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