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Slupetzky, H et al. (2012): Map of Nördliches Bockkar Kees 1979. doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.801903,
Supplement to: Slupetzky, Heinz; Puruckherr, Rolf; Hoberg, Christoph (1983): Zur Karte "Nördliches Bockkarkees 1979", 1:10000. Zeitschrift für Gletscherkunde und Glazialgeologie, 19(2), 163-171, hdl:10013/epic.40235.d001
A new map of Nördliche Bockkarkees (Glocknergroup, Hohe Tauern, Eastern Alps) has been produced in a scale of I : 10000. As a basis an aerophotogrammetric survey on September 18, 1979 was used. The original photogrammetric stereoplotting was in ascale of I : 5000. The map is printed in four coloures with 10m contourlines. Rapid motion of the glacier tongue and ice avalanches up to several million cubic meters occure on Nördliches Bockkarkees frequently. The position of the glacier is shown three weeks before a glacier avalanche broke off the tongue on October 5./6., 1979. The large-scale map represents a contribution to the investigation of the recurrent ice avalanches at this glacier and is one of the necessary preconditions for further research.
Latitude: 47.120000 * Longitude: 29.500000
NBockkarKees * * Latitude: 47.120000 * Longitude: 29.500000 * Location: Bockkar Kees, Ferleitental, Glocknergruppe, Hohe Tauern, Östliche Alpen * * Device: Sampling/measurements on glacier (GLAC) *
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