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Grützmacher, U J; Thiede, Jörn (2002): Bolboforma abundance in sediment Hole 90-592 [dataset]. PANGAEA,

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Grützmacher, U J (1993): Die Veränderungen der paläogeographischen Verbreitung von Bolboforma - ein Beitrag zur Rekonstruktion und Definition von Wassermassen im Tertiär. GEOMAR Report, GEOMAR Research Center for Marine Geosciences, Christian Albrechts University in Kiel, 22, 104 pp
Latitude: -36.473300 * Longitude: 165.442200
Date/Time Start: 1982-12-25T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1982-12-25T00:00:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 93.39 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 387.23 m
90-592 * Latitude: -36.473300 * Longitude: 165.442200 * Date/Time: 1982-12-25T00:00:00 * Elevation: -1088.0 m * Penetration: 388.5 m * Recovery: 342.8 m * Location: South Pacific/Tasman Sea/CONT RISE * Campaign: Leg90 * Basis: Glomar Challenger * Method/Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: 40 cores; 378.9 m cored; 9.6 m drilled; 90.5 % recovery
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1DEPTH, sediment/rockDepth sedmGeocode
2Sample code/labelSample labelThiede, JörnDSDP/ODP/IODP sample designation
3Bolboforma cystsBolbof cystsThiede, JörnAbundance estimate
4Bolboforma cf. intermediaB. cf. intermediaThiede, JörnAbundance estimate
5Bolboforma cf. metzmacheriB. cf. metzmacheriThiede, JörnAbundance estimate
6Bolboforma metzmacheriB. metzmacheriThiede, JörnAbundance estimate
7Bolboforma sp.Bolboforma sp.Thiede, JörnAbundance estimateG
8Bolboforma sp.Bolboforma sp.Thiede, JörnAbundance estimateH
9Bolboforma sp.Bolboforma sp.Thiede, JörnAbundance estimateI
10Bolboforma sp.Bolboforma sp.Thiede, JörnAbundance estimateK
11Bolboforma spinosaB. spinosaThiede, JörnAbundance estimate
12Bolboforma capsulaB. capsulaThiede, JörnAbundance estimate
13Bolboforma subfragorisB. subfragorisThiede, JörnAbundance estimate
14Bolboforma urnaB. urnaThiede, JörnAbundance estimate
15Bolboforma latdorfensisB. latdorfensisThiede, JörnAbundance estimate
16Bolboforma antarcticaB. antarcticaThiede, JörnAbundance estimate
17Bolboforma praespinosaB. praespinosaThiede, JörnAbundance estimate
18Bolboforma geomarisB. geomarisThiede, JörnAbundance estimate
19Bolboforma paleodanielsiB. paleodanielsiThiede, JörnAbundance estimate
20Bolboforma lamariB. lamariThiede, JörnAbundance estimate
21Bolboforma zoneBolboforma zoneThiede, Jörn
22Nannofossil zoneNannos zoneThiede, Jörn
23EpochEpochThiede, Jörn
335 data points

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