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Schalkhausser, Burgel; Bock, Christian; Stemmer, Kristina; Brey, Thomas; Pörtner, Hans-Otto; Lannig, Gisela (2013): (Table 2) Haemolymph parameters of Pecten maximus at rest and after exercise following long-term incubation under normocapnia (seawater PCO2 ~0.040 kPa) and hypercapnia (seawater PCO2 ~0.112 kPa) at 10 °C. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Schalkhausser, B et al. (2013): Impact of ocean acidification on escape performance of the king scallop, Pecten maximus, from Norway. Marine Biology, 160(8), 1995-2006,

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#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1TreatmentTreatPörtner, Hans-Otto
2Sample code/labelSample labelPörtner, Hans-Otto
3Pecten maximus, haemolymph, oxygen partial pressureP. maximus pO2 (ha)kPaPörtner, Hans-OttoBlood gas analyser, Eschweiler, MT 33extra cellular
4Pecten maximus, haemolymph, carbon dioxide partial pressureP. maximus pCO2 (ha)PaPörtner, Hans-OttoBlood gas analyser, Eschweiler, MT 33extra cellular
5Pecten maximus, haemolymph, pHP. maximus pH (ha)Pörtner, Hans-OttoBlood gas analyser, Eschweiler, MT 33extra cellular, NBS
6Pecten maximus, haemolymph, total carbon dioxideP. maximus TCO2 (ha)mmol/lPörtner, Hans-OttoGas chromatography, Agilent 6890 N GC System, Agilent Technologiesextra cellular
7Pecten maximus, haemolymph, bicarbonate ionP. maximus [HCO3]- (ha)mmol/lPörtner, Hans-OttoCalculatedextra cellular, apparent
263 data points

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