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Muñoz, Juan C; Aerts, Raf; Thijs, Koen W; Stevenson, Pablo R; Muys, Bart; Sekercioglu, Cagan H (2013): Vegetation characteristics and composition of bird dietary traits of plots in Granada, Colombia. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Muñoz, JC et al. (2013): Contribution of woody habitat islands to the conservation of birds and their potential ecosystem services in an extensive Colombian rangeland. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, 173, 13-19,

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Latitude: 3.600000 * Longitude: -73.716670
Minimum Elevation: 360.0 m * Maximum Elevation: 380.0 m
Granada * Latitude: 3.600000 * Longitude: -73.716670 * Elevation Start: 360.0 m * Elevation End: 380.0 m * Location: Meta, Colombia, South America * Device: Multiple investigations (MULT)
Note that seed frequency does not necessarily sum up to 100 % because of missing seed size data for some trees.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Sample IDSample IDMuñoz, Juan Cplot
2HabitatHabitatMuñoz, Juan C
3Trees, anemochorousTrees anemoch%Muñoz, Juan C
4Trees, endozoochorousTrees endozooch%Muñoz, Juan C
5Trees, synzoochorousTrees synzooch%Muñoz, Juan C
6Tree seeds, smallSeeds small%Muñoz, Juan C
7Tree seeds, mediumSeeds medium%Muñoz, Juan C
8Tree seeds, largeSeeds large%Muñoz, Juan C
9Trees, canopy coverCanopy cover%Muñoz, Juan C
10Grass, coverGrass cov%Muñoz, Juan C
11Tree seedlingsSeedlings#Muñoz, Juan C
12Layer thicknessThicknessmMuñoz, Juan Clitter depth
13Layer thicknessThicknessmMuñoz, Juan Csoil depth
14Trees, living, basal areaTrees living BAm2/haMuñoz, Juan C
15Trees, dead, basal areaTrees d BAm2/haMuñoz, Juan C
16Tree heightTree heightmMuñoz, Juan C
17MassMassgMuñoz, Juan Caverage bird mass
18Number per classClass#Muñoz, Juan Chabitat breadth (no. of major habitats used)
19Number per classClass#Muñoz, Juan Cno. of disturbed habitats used
20Number per classClass#Muñoz, Juan Cdiet breadth (no. of major food types used)
21EggsEggs#Muñoz, Juan Cmin. no. of eggs laid
22EggsEggs#Muñoz, Juan Cmax. no. of eggs laid
23AvesAves%Muñoz, Juan Cforest birds
24AvesAves%Muñoz, Juan Csavanna birds
25AvesAves%Muñoz, Juan Cshrubland birds
26AvesAves%Muñoz, Juan Cwoodland birds
27AvesAves%Muñoz, Juan Cartificial habitat birds
28AvesAves%Muñoz, Juan Cgrassland birds
29AvesAves%Muñoz, Juan Criparian habitat birds
30AvesAves%Muñoz, Juan Cwetland birds
31Aves, frugivoreAves, frugiv%Muñoz, Juan C
32Aves, insectivoreAves, insectiv%Muñoz, Juan C
33Aves, omnivoreAves, omniv%Muñoz, Juan C
34Aves, granivoreAves, graniv%Muñoz, Juan C
35Aves, carnivoreAves, carniv%Muñoz, Juan C
36Aves, piscivoreAves, pisciv%Muñoz, Juan C
37AvesAves%Muñoz, Juan Cmissing diet data
38Aves, nectarivoreAves, nectariv%Muñoz, Juan C
39Aves, scavangerAves, scav%Muñoz, Juan C
1950 data points

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