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Muñoz, Juan C; Aerts, Raf; Thijs, Koen W; Stevenson, Pablo R; Muys, Bart; Sekercioglu, Cagan H (2013): Relative abundance of birds observed in plots in Granada, Colombia. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Muñoz, JC et al. (2013): Contribution of woody habitat islands to the conservation of birds and their potential ecosystem services in an extensive Colombian rangeland. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, 173, 13-19,

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Latitude: 3.600000 * Longitude: -73.716670
Minimum Elevation: 360.0 m * Maximum Elevation: 380.0 m
Granada * Latitude: 3.600000 * Longitude: -73.716670 * Elevation Start: 360.0 m * Elevation End: 380.0 m * Location: Meta, Colombia, South America * Device: Multiple investigations (MULT)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Sample IDSample IDMuñoz, Juan Cplot
2Amazona amazonicaA. amazonica%Muñoz, Juan C
3Amazona ochrocephalaA. ochrocephala%Muñoz, Juan C
4Ammodramus humeralisA. humeralis%Muñoz, Juan C
5Aramides cajaneaA. cajanea%Muñoz, Juan C
6Aratinga pertinaxA. pertinax%Muñoz, Juan C
7Arremonops taciturnusA. taciturnus%Muñoz, Juan C
8Buteo magnirostrisB. magnirostris%Muñoz, Juan C
9Buteogallus meridionalisB. meridionalis%Muñoz, Juan C
10Campephilus melanoleucosC. melanoleucos%Muñoz, Juan C
11Camptostoma obsoletumC. obsoletum%Muñoz, Juan C
12Cantorchilus leucotisC. leucotis%Muñoz, Juan C
13Cathartes burrovianusC. burrovianus%Muñoz, Juan C
14Chloroceryle indaC. inda%Muñoz, Juan C
15Colibri spp.Colibri spp.%Muñoz, Juan C
16Colinus cristatusC. cristatus%Muñoz, Juan C
17Columbina talpacotiC. talpacoti%Muñoz, Juan C
18Crotophaga aniC. ani%Muñoz, Juan C
19Crotophaga majorC. major%Muñoz, Juan C
20Crypterellus cinereusC. cinereus%Muñoz, Juan C
21Cyanocorax violaceusC. violaceus%Muñoz, Juan C
22Dacnis cayanaD. cayana%Muñoz, Juan C
23Dendrocincla fuliginosaD. fuliginosa%Muñoz, Juan C
24Dryocopus lineatusD. lineatus%Muñoz, Juan C
25Euphonia chloroticaE. chlorotica%Muñoz, Juan C
26Falco femoralisF. femoralis%Muñoz, Juan C
27Falco sparveriusF. sparverius%Muñoz, Juan C
28Galbula tombaceaG. tombacea%Muñoz, Juan C
29Gymnomystax mexicanusG. mexicanus%Muñoz, Juan C
30Herpetotheres cachinnansH. cachinnans%Muñoz, Juan C
31Manacus manacusM. manacus%Muñoz, Juan C
32Megascops cholibaM. choliba%Muñoz, Juan C
33Mesembrinibis cayennensisM. cayennensis%Muñoz, Juan C
34Milvago chimachimaM. chimachima%Muñoz, Juan C
35Mimus gilvusM. gilvus%Muñoz, Juan C
36Momotus subrufescensM. subrufescens%Muñoz, Juan C
37Myiarchus tubericuliferM. tubericulifer%Muñoz, Juan C
38Myiodynastes maculatusM. maculatus%Muñoz, Juan C
39Myiozetetes similisM. similis%Muñoz, Juan C
40Nyctridomus albicollisN. albicollis%Muñoz, Juan C
41Ortalis guttataO. guttata%Muñoz, Juan C
42Patagioenas cayannensisP. cayannensis%Muñoz, Juan C
43Phaetornis malarisP. malaris%Muñoz, Juan C
44Picumnus squamulatusP. squamulatus%Muñoz, Juan C
45Pitangus sulphuratusP. sulphuratus%Muñoz, Juan C
46Psaracolius decumanusP. decumanus%Muñoz, Juan C
47Pteroglossus castanotisP. castanotis%Muñoz, Juan C
48Ramphastos vitellinusR. vitellinus%Muñoz, Juan C
49Ramphocelus carboR. carbo%Muñoz, Juan C
50Sakesphorus canadensisS. canadensis%Muñoz, Juan C
51Saltator maximusS. maximus%Muñoz, Juan C
52Schistochlamys melanopisS. melanopis%Muñoz, Juan C
53Sicalis flaveolaS. flaveola%Muñoz, Juan C
54Sturnella magnaS. magna%Muñoz, Juan C
55Sturnella militarisS. militaris%Muñoz, Juan C
56Syrigma sibilatrixS. sibilatrix%Muñoz, Juan C
57Tachyphonus luctuosusT. luctuosus%Muñoz, Juan C
58Tangara cayanaT. cayana%Muñoz, Juan C
59Tangara mexicanaT. mexicana%Muñoz, Juan C
60Thraupis episcopusT. episcopus%Muñoz, Juan C
61Thraupis palmarumT. palmarum%Muñoz, Juan C
62Todirostrum cinereumT. cinereum%Muñoz, Juan C
63Tolmomyas flaviventrisT. flaviventris%Muñoz, Juan C
64Trogon viridisT. viridis%Muñoz, Juan C
65Tyrannus melancholicusT. melancholicus%Muñoz, Juan C
66Tyrannus savanaT. savana%Muñoz, Juan C
67Thamnophilidae indeterminataThamnophilidae indet%Muñoz, Juan Cunknown hormiguero
68Aves indeterminataAves indet%Muñoz, Juan Cunknown rec 31
69Aves indeterminataAves indet%Muñoz, Juan Cunknown rec 32
70Aves indeterminataAves indet%Muñoz, Juan Cunknown rec 56
71Aves indeterminataAves indet%Muñoz, Juan Cunknown rec 57
72Vireo olivaceusV. olivaceus%Muñoz, Juan C
73Zenaida auriculataZ. auriculata%Muñoz, Juan C
3650 data points

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