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Denis, Delphine; Crosta, Xavier; Schmidt, Sabine; Carson, Damien S; Ganeshram, Raja S; Renssen, Hans; Bout-Roumazeilles, Viviane; Zaragosi, Sebastien; Martin, Bernard; Cremer, Michel; Giraudeau, Jacques (2012): Paleoenvironmental analysis of sediment core MD03-2601. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Denis, D et al. (2009): Holocene glacier and deep water dynamics, Adélie Land region, East Antarctica. Quaternary Science Reviews, 28(13-14), 1291-1303,

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This study presents a high-resolution multi-proxy investigation of sediment core MD03-2601 and documents major glacier oscillations and deep water activity during the Holocene in the Adélie Land region, East Antarctica. A comparison with surface ocean conditions reveals synchronous changes of glaciers, sea ice and deep water formation at Milankovitch and sub-Milankovitch time scales. We report (1) a deglaciation of the Adélie Land continental shelf from 11 to 8.5 cal ka BP, which occurred in two phases of effective glacier grounding-line retreat at 10.6 and 9 cal ka BP, associated with active deep water formation; (2) a rapid glacier and sea ice readvance centred around 7.7 cal ka BP; and (3) five rapid expansions of the glacier-sea ice systems, during the Mid to Late Holocene, associated to a long-term increase of deep water formation. At Milankovich time scales, we show that the precessionnal component of insolation at high and low latitudes explains the major trend of the glacier-sea ice-ocean system throughout the Holocene, in the Adélie Land region. In addition, the orbitally-forced seasonality seems to control the coastal deep water formation via the sea ice-ocean coupling, which could lead to opposite patterns between north and south high latitudes during the Mid to Late Holocene. At sub-Milankovitch time scales, there are eight events of glacier-sea ice retreat and expansion that occurred during atmospheric cooling events over East Antarctica. Comparisons of our results with other peri-Antarctic records and model simulations from high southern latitudes may suggest that our interpretation on glacier-sea ice-ocean interactions and their Holocene evolutions reflect a more global Antarctic Holocene pattern.
Latitude: -66.051200 * Longitude: 138.557200
Date/Time Start: 2003-02-08T08:51:00 * Date/Time End: 2003-02-08T08:51:00
MD03-2601 (MD032601) * Latitude: -66.051200 * Longitude: 138.557200 * Date/Time: 2003-02-08T08:51:00 * Elevation: -746.0 m * Recovery: 40.3 m * Location: Southern Ocean * Campaign: MD130 (IMAGES X - CADO) * Basis: Marion Dufresne (1995) * Method/Device: Calypso Corer (CALYPSO)
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