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Grandel, Sibylle; Rickert, Dirk; Schlüter, Michael; Wallmann, Klaus (2000): Pore-water chemistry of abyssal Arabian Sea surface sediments. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Grandel, S et al. (2000): Pore-water distribution and quantification of diffusive benthic fluxes of silicic acid, nitrate, and phosphate in surface sediments of the deep Arabian Sea. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 47(14), 2707-2734,

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Benthic fluxes and pore-water compositions of silicic acid, nitrate and phosphate were investigated for surface sediments of the abyssal Arabian Sea during four cruises (1995-1998). Five sites located in the northern (NAST), western (WAST), central (CAST), eastern (EAST), and southern (SAST) Arabian Sea were revisited during intermonsoonal periods after the NE- and SW-Monsoon. At these sites, benthic fluxes of remineralized nutrients from the sediment to the bottom water of 36-106, 102-350 and 4-16 mmol/m**2/yr were measured for nitrate, silicic acid and phosphate, respectively. The benthic fluxes and pore-water compositions showed a distinct regional pattern. Highest fluxes were observed in the western and northern region of the Arabian Sea, whereas decreasing fluxes were derived towards the southeast. At WAST, the general temporal pattern of primary production, related to the NE- and SW-Monsoon, is reflected by benthic fluxes. In contrast, at sites NAST, SAST, CAST, and EAST a temporal pattern of fluxes in response to the monsoon is not obvious. Our results reveal a clear coupling between the general regional pattern of production in surface waters and the response of the benthic environment, as indicated by the flux of remineralized nutrients, though a spatially differing degree of decoupling during transport and remineralization of particulate organic matter and biogenic opal was observed. This has to be taken into account regarding budget calculations and paleoceanographic topics.
Biogeochemical Fluxes of Matter and Energy in the Deep Sea (BIGSET)
Biogeochemical flux in the deep sea (GEOMARFLUX)
Median Latitude: 15.800580 * Median Longitude: 62.865897 * South-bound Latitude: 10.033167 * West-bound Longitude: 60.266000 * North-bound Latitude: 20.000167 * East-bound Longitude: 68.567000
Date/Time Start: 1995-03-11T22:31:00 * Date/Time End: 1998-03-04T01:44:00
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