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Qiu, Jun-Ting; Song, Wan-Jiao; Jiang, Cheng-Xin; Wu, Han; Dong, Raymond M (2013): Corel Geological Drafting Kit (CGDK) - an extensible CorelDRAW VBA program for geological drafting [dataset]. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Qiu, J-T et al. (2013): CGDK: An extensible CorelDRAW VBA program for geological drafting. Computers & Geosciences, 51, 34-48,

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Corel Geological Drafting Kit (CGDK), a program written in VBA, has been designed to assist geologists and geochemists with their drafting work. It obtains geological data from a running Excel application directly, and uses the data to plot geochemical diagrams and to construct stratigraphic columns. The software also contains functions for creating stereographic projections and rose diagrams, which can be used for spatial analysis, on a calibrated geological map. The user-friendly program has been tested to work with CorelDRAW 13 - 14 - 15 and Excel 2003 - 2007.
An executable file named "setup.exe" is provided for software installation. By double clicking on this file, users start an installation procedure in which initially an environment test is performed automatically to check whether the computer can run the software.
CGDK requires CorelDRAW 13 or later and Excel 2003 or 2007 to be installed on users' computer. If these requirements are met, the test will pass and a green text message will appear in the lower left corner of the "Deploy" window. Also, the "Install" button will become clickable.
After clicking on the "Install" button, the program begins to deploy the software files. A few seconds later, a message box will pop up to inform the user of successful deployment and a toolbar with 12 buttons named "Corel Geological Drafting Kit" will be added in the active CorelDRAW workspace. The whole procedure will be completed after restarting the operating CorelDRAW application.
Update 2013-05-13: CGDK V1.1 - for CorelDRAW X3 and X4. See 'New version' link above.
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1CommentCommentQiu, Jun-Ting
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3Uniform resource locator/link to fileURL fileQiu, Jun-Ting
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