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Tarasov, Pavel E; Nakagawa, Takeshi; Demske, Dieter; Österle, H; Igarashi, Yaeko; Kitagawa, Junko; Mokhova, Lyudmila M; Bazarova, Valentina B; Okuda, Masaaki; Gotanda, Katsuya; Miyoshi, Norio; Fujiki, Toshiyuki; Takemura, Keiji; Yonenobu, Hitoshi; Fleck, Andreas (2011): (Table S2) Reference pollen dataset of 798 modern surface spectra. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Tarasov, PE et al. (2011): Progress in the reconstruction of Quaternary climate dynamics in the Northwest Pacific: A new modern analogue reference dataset and its application to the 430-kyr pollen record from Lake Biwa. Earth-Science Reviews, 108(1-2), 64-79,

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Gotanda, Katsuya; Nakagawa, Takeshi; Tarasov, Pavel E; Kitagawa, Junko; Inoue, Yasushi; Yasuda, Yoshinori (2002): Biome classification from Japanese pollen data: application to modern-day and Late Quaternary samples. Quaternary Science Reviews, 21(4-6), 647-657,
Igarashi, Yaeko; Yamamoto, Masanobu; Ikehara, Ken (2011): Climate and vegetation in Hokkaido, northern Japan, since the LGM: pollen records from core GH02-1030 off Tokachi in the northwestern Pacific. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 40(6), 1102-1110,
Korotky, A M; Razjigaeva, N G; Grebennikova, T A; Ganzey, L A; Mokhova, Lyudmila M; Bazarova, Valentina B; Sulerzhitsky, Leopold D; Lutaenko, K A (2000): Middle-and late-Holocene environments and vegetation history of Kunashir Island, Kurile Islands, northwestern Pacific. The Holocene, 10(3), 311-331,
Mokhova, Lyudmila M; Tarasov, Pavel E; Bazarova, Valentina B; Klimin, Mikhail (2009): Quantitative biome reconstruction using modern and late Quaternary pollen data from the southern part of the Russian Far East. Quaternary Science Reviews, 28(25-26(, 2913-2926,
Median Latitude: 41.309821 * Median Longitude: 137.364546 * South-bound Latitude: 26.634000 * West-bound Longitude: 128.206000 * North-bound Latitude: 53.966667 * East-bound Longitude: 146.031000
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: m
AMUR1 * Latitude: 51.016667 * Longitude: 138.383333 * Elevation: 14.0 m * Location: Russia * Device: Hand corer (HCOR)
AMUR10 * Latitude: 50.883333 * Longitude: 138.216667 * Elevation: 59.0 m * Location: Russia * Device: Hand corer (HCOR)
AMUR11 * Latitude: 51.116667 * Longitude: 138.983333 * Elevation: 233.0 m * Location: Russia * Device: Hand corer (HCOR)
Dataset consists of 798 samples. Relative pollen percentages are calculated upon the sum of 32 tree and shrub pollen taxa taken as 100% following Gotanda et al. (2002, doi:10.1016/S0277-3791(01)00046-4).
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Event labelEvent
2Elevation of eventElevationm
3Latitude of eventLatitude
4Longitude of eventLongitude
5DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmGeocode
6AbiesAbies%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
7AcerAce%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
8AesculusAesculus%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
9AlnusAlnus%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
10BetulaBetula%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
11CamelliaCamellia%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
12CarpinusCar%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
13CastanopsisCastanopsis%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynologyCastanea
14CorylusCorylus%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
15CryptomeriaCryptomeria%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
16EricaceaeEricac%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
17FagusFagus%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
18FraxinusFrx%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
19IlexIlex%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
20JuglansJuglans%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynologyPterocarya
21LarixLar%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
22MyricaMyrica%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
23PiceaPicea%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
24PinusPinus%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
25PodocarpusPodocarpus%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
26Quercus deciduousQ. deciduous%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
27Quercus evergreenQ. evergreen%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
28RhododendronRhododendron%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
29RhusRhus%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
30SalixSalix%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
31SciadopitysSciadopitys%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
32SymplocosSymplocos%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
33TaxodiaceaeTaxodiaceae%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynologyCupressaceae
34TiliaTilia%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
35TsugaTsuga%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
36UlmusUlmus%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynologyZelkova
37ViburnumVib%Tarasov, Pavel ECounting, palynology
38Reference/sourceReferenceTarasov, Pavel E
26334 data points

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