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Simonov, Vladimir A; Kovyazin, S V; Vasil'ev, YuR; Mahoney, John J (2005): Chemical composition of clinopyroxenes and melt inclusions in clinopyroxenes from rocks of the Malaita Island, Ontong Java Plateau (Pacific Ocean). PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Simonov, VA et al. (2005): Physicochemical parameters of continental and oceanic plateau basalt magmatic systems (from data on melt inclusions). Geologiya i Geofisika (Geology and Geophysics), 46(3), 908-923,

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The paper is based on new results of melt inclusion studies in minerals. Physicochemical and geochemical parameters of plateau basalt magmatic systems of the Siberian Platform and Ontong Java Plateau (Pacific Ocean) have been established. The studied melts are enriched in Fe. That differs them from magmatic melts of mid-ocean ridges (MOR). A comparative analysis of data on inclusions has shown a similarity of continental and oceanic plateau basalt magmatic systems. They considerably differ from those of MOR and intraplate oceanic islands. Crystallization of oceanic plateau basalts took place at lower temperatures and pressures as compared with similar rocks of the Siberian Platform. The data on inclusions evidence that the melts of the Siberian Platform and the Malaita Island underwent a serious evolution in contrast to magmas of the Nauru Basin that have more stable geochemical parameters. The most fractionated low-temperature high-Fe magmas with elevated contents of trace and rare-earth elements occur in the Malaita Island (Ontong Java Plateau) magmatic system.
Latitude: -8.940000 * Longitude: 160.910000
Malaita * Latitude: -8.940000 * Longitude: 160.910000 * Location: Solomon Islands
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