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Lipka, Klaus S; Abegg, Friedrich (2012): Geological map of Geltinger Birk, western Baltic Sea, Germany. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Lipka, KS; Abegg, F (1990): Quartärgeologische Kartierung der nördlichen Geltinger Halbinsel. Meyniana, 42, 93-100,

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The geological structure of a Holocene sand spit system and the adjacent Weichselian glacial deposits in the northeastern part of Schleswig-Holstein have been investigated and presented in a geological map. Thin meltwater deposits overlie the glacial tills in the area of the former Beverö lsland in the west. To its north and northeast, the modern Sand spit system is present. Its basal transgression horizon is composed mainly of gravels and boulders, and directly overlie the Pleistocene deposits. Further up the succession, fine graind sands are present, in turn overlain by the coarser grained sands of the barrier bar. To the east, under the protection of the sand spit, gyttyas and peats which sometimes attain large thicknesses have been deposited under lacustrinellagoonal conditions. Closer to the shore, these sediments are covered by marine sands.
Latitude: 54.775000 * Longitude: 9.934000
GelBay * Latitude: 54.775000 * Longitude: 9.934000 * Location: Geltinger Bay, Western Baltic Sea, Germany * Device: Geological mapping (GEOMAP)
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