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Mcphail, Michael K; Truswell, Elizabeth M (2004): (Table T5) Relative abundance of Eocene plant microfossil taxa of ODP Site 188-1166. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Mcphail, MK; Truswell, EM (2004): Palynology of Site 1166, Prydz Bay, East Antarctica. In: Cooper, AK; O'Brien, PE; Richter, C (eds.) Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 188, 1-43,

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Latitude: -67.696283 * Longitude: 74.787333
Date/Time Start: 2000-02-16T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2000-02-22T00:00:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 142.50 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 267.18 m
188-1166 * Latitude: -67.696283 * Longitude: 74.787333 * Date/Time Start: 2000-02-16T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2000-02-22T00:00:00 * Elevation: -475.4 m * Penetration: 423.8 m * Recovery: 71.3 m * Location: Prydz Bay * Campaign: Leg188 * Basis: Joides Resolution * Device: Composite Core (COMPCORE) * Comment: 40 cores; 381.3 m cored; 42.5 m drilled; 18.7% recovery
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmGeocode – mbsf
2BotryococcusBot%Mcphail, Michael K
3Achomosphaera sp.Achomosphaera sp.%Mcphail, Michael Kcf. A. ramosa
4Corrudinium cf. incompositumC. cf. incompositum%Mcphail, Michael K
5Cyclopsiella sp.Cyclopsiella sp.%Mcphail, Michael K
6Deflandrea cf. asymmetricaD. cf. asymmetrica%Mcphail, Michael K
7Spinidinium macmurdoenseS. macmurdoense%Mcphail, Michael K
8Deflandrea antarctica-prydzensis complexD. antarctica-prydzensis compl%Mcphail, Michael K
9Enneadocysta partridgeiE. partridgei%Mcphail, Michael K
10Homotryblium tasmanienseH. tasmaniense%Mcphail, Michael Kquestionable (cf.)
11Hystrichosphaeridium tubiferumH. tubiferum%Mcphail, Michael K
12Impagidinium sp.Impagidinium sp.%Mcphail, Michael Kcf. I. victorianum
13Impagidinium spp.Impagidinium spp.%Mcphail, Michael K
14Lejeunecysta spp.Lejeunecysta spp.%Mcphail, Michael K
15Octodinium sp.Octodinium sp.%Mcphail, Michael K
16Operculodinium spp.Operculodinium spp.%Mcphail, Michael K
17Schematophora sp.Schematophora sp.%Mcphail, Michael Kcf. S. obscura
18Selenopemphix nephroides complexS. nephroides compl%Mcphail, Michael K
19Spiniferites spp.Spiniferites spp.%Mcphail, Michael K
20Spinidinium rotundumS. rotundum%Mcphail, Michael K
21Spinidinium sp.Spinidinium sp.%Mcphail, Michael Ksp. A
22Spinidinium spp.Spinidinium spp.%Mcphail, Michael K
23Svalbardella sp.Svalbardella sp.%Mcphail, Michael Kcf. S. hampdenensis
24Thalassiphora sp.Thalassiphora sp.%Mcphail, Michael Kcf. T. pelagica
25Tritonites spinosusT. spinosus%Mcphail, Michael K
26Turbiosphaera cf. filosaT. cf. filosa%Mcphail, Michael K
27Vozzhennikovia sp.Vozzhennikovia sp.%Mcphail, Michael Kcf. V. apertura
28VozzhennikoviaVozzhennikovia%Mcphail, Michael Kcf. Gippslandica extensa
29Dinoflagellate cyst indeterminataDinofl cyst indet%Mcphail, Michael K
30Dinoflagellate cystDinofl cyst%Mcphail, Michael Ktotal
31Fungal remainsFung.rema%Mcphail, Michael Kspores + hyphae
32Aequitriradites spinulosusA. spinulosus%Mcphail, Michael K
33Appendicisporites sp.Appendicisporites sp.%Mcphail, Michael K
34BaculatisporitesBaculatisporites%Mcphail, Michael K
35Ceratosporites equalisC. equalis%Mcphail, Michael K
36Cicatricosisporites australiensisC. australiensis%Mcphail, Michael K
37Cicatricosisporites ludbrookiaeC. ludbrookiae%Mcphail, Michael K
38Clavifera triplexC. triplex%Mcphail, Michael K
39Coptospora sp.Coptospora sp.%Mcphail, Michael Ksp. A
40Cyathidites minorC. minor%Mcphail, Michael Kincluding C. australis
41Cyathidites paleosporaC. paleospora%Mcphail, Michael K
42Dictyophyllidites arcuatusD. arcuatus%Mcphail, Michael K
43Foraminisporis asymmetricusF. asymmetricus%Mcphail, Michael K
44Gleicheniidites sp.Gleicheniidites sp.%Mcphail, Michael Ksp. A
45Gleicheniidites spp.Gleicheniidites spp.%Mcphail, Michael K
46Herkosporites elliottiiH. elliottii%Mcphail, Michael K
47Laevigatosporites ovatusL. ovatus%Mcphail, Michael Kincluding L. major
48Laevigatosporites sp.Laevigatosporites sp.%Mcphail, Michael Ksp. A
49Latrobosporites cf. crassusL. cf. crassus%Mcphail, Michael K
50Latrobosporites spp.Latrobosporites spp.%Mcphail, Michael K
51Leptolepidites verrucatusL. verrucatus%Mcphail, Michael K
52Osmundacidites spp.Osmundacidites spp.%Mcphail, Michael K
53Polypodiisporites spp.Polypodiisporites spp.%Mcphail, Michael K
54Retitriletes australoclavatiditesR. australoclavatidites%Mcphail, Michael K
55Ricciaesporites kawaraensisR. kawaraensis%Mcphail, Michael K
56Stereisporites antiquasporitesS. antiquasporites%Mcphail, Michael K
57Stereisporites australisS. australis%Mcphail, Michael K
58Stereisporites sp.Stereisporites sp.%Mcphail, Michael Ksp. A
59Stereisporites sp.Stereisporites sp.%Mcphail, Michael Ksp. B
60Trilobosporites trioreticulatusT. trioreticulatus%Mcphail, Michael K
61Triporoletes reticulatusT. reticulatus%Mcphail, Michael K
62Spores, trilete undifferentiatedtril.ud%Mcphail, Michael K
63SumSum%Mcphail, Michael Ktotal cryptogams
64Alisporites grandisA. grandis%Mcphail, Michael K
65Araucariacites australisA. australis%Mcphail, Michael K
66Balmeiopsis limbataB. limbata%Mcphail, Michael K
67CorollinaCorollina%Mcphail, Michael K
68Cupressacites spp.Cupressacites spp.%Mcphail, Michael K
69Dacrycarpites australiensisD. australiensis%Mcphail, Michael K
70Dilwynites granulatusD. granulatus%Mcphail, Michael K
71Dilwynites sp.Dilwynites sp.%Mcphail, Michael Ksp. A (microgranulate)
72Dilwynites sp.Dilwynites sp.%Mcphail, Michael Ksp. A (microechinate)
73Lygistepollenites floriniiL. florinii%Mcphail, Michael K
74Microalatidites palaeogenicusM. palaeogenicus%Mcphail, Michael K
75Microcachryidites antarcticusM. antarcticus%Mcphail, Michael K
76Parvisaccites catastusP. catastus%Mcphail, Michael K
77Phyllocladidites mawsoniiP. mawsonii%Mcphail, Michael K
78Phyllocladidites reticulosaccatusP. reticulosaccatus%Mcphail, Michael K
79Phyllocladidites verrucosusP. verrucosus%Mcphail, Michael K
80Podocarpidites spp.Podocarpidites spp.%Mcphail, Michael K
81Trichotomosulcites subgranulosus complexT. subgranulosus compl%Mcphail, Michael K
82Vitreisporites spp.Vitreisporites spp.%Mcphail, Michael K
83GymnospermsGymnosperms%Mcphail, Michael Ktotal
84Arecipites spp.Arecipites spp.%Mcphail, Michael K
85Australopollis obscurusA. obscurus%Mcphail, Michael K
86Battenipollis sectilisB. sectilis%Mcphail, Michael K
87Beaupreaidites elegansiformisB. elegansiformis%Mcphail, Michael K
88Clavatipollenites hughesiiC. hughesii%Mcphail, Michael K
89Cupanieidites sp.Cupanieidites sp.%Mcphail, Michael Kcf. C. orthoteichus
90Fischeripollis sp.Fischeripollis sp.%Mcphail, Michael Ksp. A
91Forcipites longusF. longus%Mcphail, Michael K
92Forcipites sabulosusF. sabulosus%Mcphail, Michael K
93Gambierina edwardsiiG. edwardsii%Mcphail, Michael K
94Gambierina sp.Gambierina sp.%Mcphail, Michael Kcf. G. edwardsii
95Gambierina rudataG. rudata%Mcphail, Michael K
96Integricorpus sp.Integricorpus sp.%Mcphail, Michael Ksp. A
97Ilexpollenites spp.Ilexpollenites spp.%Mcphail, Michael K
98Liliacidites spp.Liliacidites spp.%Mcphail, Michael K
99Malvacipollis diversusM. diversus%Mcphail, Michael K
100Malvacipollis subtilisM. subtilis%Mcphail, Michael K
101Malvacipollis spp.Malvacipollis spp.%Mcphail, Michael K
102Nothofagidites emarcidus complexN. emarcidus compl%Mcphail, Michael K
103Nothofagidites asperus complexN. asperus compl%Mcphail, Michael K
104Nothofagidites brachyspinulosa complexN. brachyspinulosa compl%Mcphail, Michael K
105Nothofagidites flemingii complexN. flemingii compl%Mcphail, Michael K
106Nothofagidites goniatusN. goniatus%Mcphail, Michael K
107Nothofagidites lachlaniae complexN. lachlaniae compl%Mcphail, Michael K
108NothofagusNothofagus%Mcphail, Michael Ktotal
109Peninsulapollis cf. gilliiP. cf. gillii%Mcphail, Michael K= T. cf. fissilis
110Peninsulapollis truswelliaeP. truswelliae%Mcphail, Michael K
111Periporopollenites hexaporusP. hexaporus%Mcphail, Michael K
112Periporopollenites polyoratusP. polyoratus%Mcphail, Michael K
113Periporopollenites sp.Periporopollenites sp.%Mcphail, Michael Ksp. A (apiculate)
114Periporopollenites vesicusP. vesicus%Mcphail, Michael K
115Proteacidites angulatusP. angulatus%Mcphail, Michael K
116Proteacidites kopiensisP. kopiensis%Mcphail, Michael K
117Proteacidites sp.Proteacidites sp.%Mcphail, Michael Kcf. P. obscurus
118Proteacidites sp.Proteacidites sp.%Mcphail, Michael Kcf. P. sinulatus (reticulate)
119Proteacidites scaboratusP. scaboratus%Mcphail, Michael K
120Proteacidites spp.Proteacidites spp.%Mcphail, Michael Kunattributed
121Retimonocolpites peroreticulatusR. peroreticulatus%Mcphail, Michael K
122Tricolporites spp.Tricolporites spp.%Mcphail, Michael Kincluding Rhoipites spp.
123Tricolpites confessusT. confessus%Mcphail, Michael K
124Tricolpites spp.Tricolpites spp.%Mcphail, Michael K
125Tetracolporites verrucosusT. verrucosus%Mcphail, Michael K
126Tricolpites sp.Tricolpites sp.%Mcphail, Michael Kcf. T. trioblatus
127Tricolporites cf. apoxyexinusT. cf. apoxyexinus%Mcphail, Michael K
128Tetradopollis sp.Tetradopollis sp.%Mcphail, Michael K
129AngiospermsAngiosperms%Mcphail, Michael Ktotal
130Pollen, reworkedPollen rew%Mcphail, Michael Kpermo-Triassic
131ContaminationContamination%Mcphail, Michael Kmodern
132Pollen totalPollen tot#Mcphail, Michael Kexcluding reworked spp.
1570 data points

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