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Schlaffer, Stefan; Sabel, Daniel; Bartsch, Annett; Wagner, Wolfgang (2012): Regional water bodies remote sensing products with links to geotiff images. PANGAEA,

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Bartsch, Annett; Kidd, Richard A; Pathe, Carsten; Scipal, Klaus; Wagner, Wolfgang (2007): Satellite radar imagery for monitoring inland wetlands in boreal and sub-arctic environments. Aquatic Conservation-Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 17(3), 305-317,
Bartsch, Annett; Pathe, Carsten; Wagner, Wolfgang; Scipal, Klaus (2008): Detection of permanent open water surfaces in central Siberia with ENVISAT ASAR wide swath data with special emphasis on the estimation of methane fluxes from tundra wetlands. Hydrology Research, 39(2), 89-100,
Bartsch, Annett; Trofaier, Anna Maria; Hayman, Garry; Sabel, Daniel; Schlaffer, Stefan; Clark, Douglas B; Blyth, Eleanor (2012): Detection of open water dynamics with ENVISAT ASAR in support of land surface modelling at high latitudes. Biogeosciences, 9, 703-714,
Median Latitude: 66.470000 * Median Longitude: 156.640000 * South-bound Latitude: 61.700000 * West-bound Longitude: 78.500000 * North-bound Latitude: 71.250000 * East-bound Longitude: -128.500000
DUEPermafrost_Alaska * Latitude: 69.600000 * Longitude: -148.600000 * Method/Device: Satellite remote sensing (SAT) * Comment: position describes the center of area
DUEPermafrost_Central_Yakutia * Latitude: 61.700000 * Longitude: 130.800000 * Method/Device: Satellite remote sensing (SAT) * Comment: position describes the center of area
DUEPermafrost_Laptev_Sea * Latitude: 71.250000 * Longitude: 131.000000 * Method/Device: Satellite remote sensing (SAT) * Comment: position describes the center of area
Water is a class in all available global and regional land cover maps. The spatial resolution of those existing products ranges between 300 m to 1 km. The majority of lakes within tundra environment is however much smaller than the spatial resolution of those maps. ENVISAT ASAR Wide Swath data with 150 m resolution can identify 50% more open water surface areas than land over maps based on MODIS (Bartsch et al. 2008) and allows regular (annual) updates on regional scale.
The DUE Permafrost SAR processing subsystem for the Water Bodies (WB) product uses ENVISAT ASAR Wide Swath level 1b data, a Digital Elevation Model and orbit state vector information (e.g. DORIS files).
The data cover the years 2007 to 2011 for the regional sites Ob Estuary, Alaska, Mackenzie and Laptev Sea Coast. Product availability is limited due to availability of ASAR WS data. The site Central Yakutia is not included from 2009 to 2011 because of this problem.
The Water Bodies maps represent extent of water bodies for the summer months and are produced on an annual basis. The unit is a binary indicator with the pixel value 1 representing water and 0 representing non-water. In addition to the water body indicator the number of measurements used to derive the water bodies product are also provided.
See hdl:10013/epic.39140.d008 for an overview figure. The product guide: hdl:10013/epic.39140.d007.
This dataset is part of the ESA Data User Element (DUE) Permafrost Full Product Set (doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.780111).
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