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Santoro, Maurizio; Strozzi, Tazio (2012): Circumpolar digital elevation models > 55° N with links to geotiff images. PANGAEA,

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Rabus, Bernhard; Eineder, Michael; Roth, Achim; Bamler, Richard (2003): The shuttle radar topography mission - a new class of digital elevation models acquired by spaceborne radar. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 54(4), 241-262,
Santoro, Maurizio; Cartus, Oliver (2010): STSE-BIOMASAR: Validating a novel biomass retrieval algorithm based on hyper-temporal Wide-Swath and Global Monitoring Envisat ASAR datasets. ESA ESRIN contract No. 21892/08/I-EC, Final Report
DUEPermafrost_panarctic * Location: Arctic * Method/Device: Satellite remote sensing (SAT)
In order to generate a global DEM elevation information from the
following datasets were considered:
* SRTM-3 DEM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission)
* RTM (Russian Topographic Maps)
* CDED (Canada Digital Elevation Data)
* U.S. Geological Survey DEM (for Alaska).
All datasets have been downloaded and checked for coverage and quality before further processing. For each dataset, description of image specifications, processing applied and quality control is provided in the product guide. The database of elevation provided to the DUE Permafrost project consists of tiles with following specification
* Latitude coverage: > 55 deg N
* Longitude coverage: full
* Elevation: as in original datasets
* Projection: equiangular, i.e. latitude/longitude
* Ellipsoid/datum: WGS-84
* Elevation data on the integer degree lines (all four sides) overlap with the corresponding profiles on the surrounding eight blocks.
* Tile coverage: 1 X 1 deg, posting: 3 arcsec = 0.0008333333 deg (i.e., approximately 90 m at Equator)
See hdl:10013/epic.39123.d024 for an overview figure. The product guide: hdl:10013/epic.39123.d013.
This dataset is part of the ESA Data User Element (DUE) Permafrost Full Product Set (doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.780111).
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1Uniform resource locator/link to fileURL fileSantoro, Maurizio
2File formatFile formatSantoro, Maurizio
3File sizeFile sizekByteSantoro, Maurizio
4File contentContentSantoro, Maurizio
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