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Sturm, Michael (2012): Macrostratigraphy: Calcite Varves - Greifensee / Switzerland. Varve Image Library, GEOPOLAR, University of Bremen, Germany, PANGAEA,, In: Enters, Dirk; Zolitschka, Bernd (2010): Stratigraphy and components of annually laminated (varved) sediments. Varve Image Library, GEOPOLAR, University of Bremen, Germany, PANGAEA,

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Zolitschka, Bernd (2007): Varved lake sediments. In: S. A. Elias (ed.), Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science. Elsevier, Amsterdam, ISBN: 978-0-444-52747-9, 3105-3114,
Latitude: 47.367000 * Longitude: 8.683000
Greifensee * Latitude: 47.367000 * Longitude: 8.683000 * Location: Greifensee, Switzerland
Varved lake sediments from Greifensee (Switzerland). The upper 26 cm of this freeze core image display the history of cultural eutrophication through the formation of carbonaceous organic varves since 1930. Below 26 cm the productivity of the lake was lower, no oxygen depletion occurred near the lake floor and thus organic matter was not preserved

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