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Minifie, Matthew J; Kerr, Andrew C; Ernst, Richard E; Hastie, Alan R; Ciborowski, T Jake R; Desharnais, Guy; Millar, Ian L (2012): Lithologic and geochemical composition of samples from the Circum Superior Belt, North America. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Minifie, MJ et al. (2013): The northern and southern sections of the western ca. 1880 Ma Circum-Superior Large Igneous Province, North America: the Pickle Crow dyke connection? Lithos, 174, 217-235,

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The ca. 1880 Ma Circum-Superior Large Igneous Province (LIP) consists of a number of discontinuous segments known to cover a significant portion of the margin of the Superior Province craton in North America. New geochemical and isotopic data from western segments of this LIP support a common origin for the these segments and suggest that magmatism in the Lake Superior region may have been fed through the ~ 600 km long Pickle Crow dyke from a source north of the Fox River Belt in northeastern Manitoba. The Fox River Belt, Pickle Crow dyke and sections of the Hemlock Formation in the Lake Superior region possess trace element signatures which are similar to those of more recent oceanic plateaux. The Hemlock Formation displays a heterogeneous geochemical signature. This chemical heterogeneity can in part be explained by lithospheric contamination and possibly by source heterogeneity. The tectonomagmatic setting in which these igneous rocks were formed could have involved a mantle plume. Evidence supporting a plume origin includes high MgO volcanic rocks, high calculated degrees of partial melting and geochemical signatures similar to those of oceanic plateaux.
Median Latitude: 51.622304 * Median Longitude: -91.348668 * South-bound Latitude: 46.094400 * West-bound Longitude: -94.259000 * North-bound Latitude: 55.843800 * East-bound Longitude: -88.158900
Fox_River_Belt * Latitude: 55.814590 * Longitude: -94.047910 * Elevation: 130.0 m * Location: Canada, Fox River Belt
Hemlock_Formation * Latitude: 46.129226 * Longitude: -88.225813 * Elevation: 420.0 m * Location: Canada
Pickle_Crow * Latitude: 51.486328 * Longitude: -90.151903 * Elevation: 351.0 m * Location: Canada
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