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Preu, Benedikt; Spieß, Volkhard; Schwenk, Tilmann; Schneider, Ralph R (2011): Coordinates of multichannel seismic line GeoB05-004 [dataset]. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Preu, B et al. (2011): Evidence for current-controlled sedimentation along the southern Mozambique continental margin since Early Miocene times. Geo-Marine Letters, 31(5-6), 427-435,

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Major plastered drift sequences were imaged using high-resolution multichannel seismics during R/V Meteor cruises M63/1 and M75/3 south of the Mozambique Channel along the continental margin of Mozambique off the Limpopo River. Detailed seismic-stratigraphic analyses enabled the reconstruction of the onset and development of the modern, discontinuous, eddy-dominated Mozambique Current. Major drift sequences can first be identified during the Early Miocene. Consistent with earlier findings, a progressive northward shift of the depocenter indicates that, on a geological timescale, a steady but variable Mozambique Current existed from this time onward. It can furthermore be shown that, during the Early/Middle Miocene, a coast-parallel current was established off the Limpopo River as part of a lee eddy system driven by the Mozambique Current. Modern sedimentation is controlled by the interplay between slope morphology and the lee eddy system, resulting in upwelling of Antarctic Intermediate Water. Drift accumulations at larger depths are related to the reworking of sediment by deep-reaching eddies that migrate southward, forming the Mozambique Current and eventually merging with the Agulhas Current.
Median Latitude: -25.442247 * Median Longitude: 34.601032 * South-bound Latitude: -25.452981 * West-bound Longitude: 33.791306 * North-bound Latitude: -25.431601 * East-bound Longitude: 35.411236
GeoB05-004 * Latitude Start: -25.452820 * Longitude Start: 33.791300 * Latitude End: -25.431650 * Longitude End: 35.411230 * Location: southeast of Limpopo River, Mozambique * Campaign: M63/1 (AFRIDEEP) * Basis: Meteor (1986) * Method/Device: Multichannel seismics (MCSEIS) * Comment: 35.41123
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1NumberNoPreu, Benedikt
16368 data points

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