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Schumann, Kai; Völker, David; Weinrebe, Reimer Wilhelm (2011): Gridded results of swath bathymetric mapping of Disko Bay, Western Greenland, 2007-2008, with links to files. IFM-GEOMAR Leibniz-Institute of Marine Sciences, Kiel University, PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Schumann, K et al. (2012): Acoustic mapping of the Ilulissat Ice Fjord mouth, West Greenland. Journal of Quaternary Science, 40, 78-88,

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Latitude: 69.000000 * Longitude: -52.000000
Disko_Bay * Latitude: 69.000000 * Longitude: -52.000000 * Location: West Greenland Margin
We combined swath bathymetry data of two cruises of RV MARIA S. MERIAN and the fishing vessel MV SMILLA in June 2007 and August 2008 into a bathymetric grid of 20x20m grid cell size. This grid was combined with ASTER-GDEM land elevation data and is presented in two projections. The used projections are (1) Latitude-Longitude (latlon) with reference ellipsoid WGS84 and z scale in meters and (2) Universal Transverse Mercator, zone 22 (utm) with reference ellipsoid WGS84 and scale in meters. The format is Network Common Data Format (NetCDF), more specifically, the bf (# 1) GMT native, C-binary format1. This format can be easily used and displayed by programs of the Generic Mapping Tools (GMT), the Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS), as well as other Geographical Information Systems (GIS) or programs with the capacity to viewing and manipulate gridded data such as Fledermaus. Derived properties such as the gradient of the slope in degrees (slope) and the slope directivity (aspect) are given in the same way. The file names are composed of the kind of data (bathymetry, slope, aspect), the grid spacing, the format and the projection. The format is read e.g. by the GMT command grdinfo. Older versions of GMT may need the format to be specified by adding a "=1" to the file name, e.g. grdinfo test.grd=1. The standard NetCDF subformat used by GMT and MBSytem is "nf (# 18) GMT NetCDF format (float)". A conversion can be performed with the GMT command grdreformat, e.g. grdreformat test.grd=1 test_gmt.grd=18. The import command for GRASS would e.g. be input=test.grd output=test bytes=4 anull=9999
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1File sizeFile sizekByte
2File formatFile format
3Uniform resource locator/link to fileURL fileVölker, David
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