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MacDonald, Ian R; Bohrmann, Gerhard; Escobar, E; Abegg, Friedrich; Blanchon, Paul; Blinova, Valentina N; Brueckmann, Warner; Drews, Manuela; Eisenhauer, Anton; Han, X; Heeschen, Katja U; Meier, Felix; Mortera-Gutierrez, Carlos; Naehr, T; Orcutt, B; Bernard, B; Brroks, J; de Farágo, M (2004): (Table 1) Hydrocarbon gas composition of sediment and gas hydrate collected in video-guided grabs from Chapopote [dataset]. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: MacDonald, IR et al. (2004): Asphalt volcanism and chemosynthetic life, Campache Knolls, Gulf of Mexico. Science, 304(5673), 999-1002,

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In the Campeche Knolls, in the southern Gulf of Mexico, lava-like flows of solidified asphalt cover more than 1 square kilometer of the rim of a dissected salt dome at a depth of 3000 meters below sea level. Chemosynthetic tubeworms and bivalves colonize the sea floor near the asphalt, which chilled and contracted after discharge. The site also includes oil seeps, gas hydrate deposits, locally anoxic sediments, and slabs of authigenic carbonate. Asphalt volcanism creates a habitat for chemosynthetic life that may be widespread at great depth in the Gulf of Mexico.
Latitude: 21.899060 * Longitude: -93.261490
Date/Time Start: 2003-11-01T16:42:00 * Date/Time End: 2003-11-01T16:42:00
Minimum Elevation: -2915.0 m * Maximum Elevation: -2915.0 m
SO174/2_136 (136) * Latitude: 21.899060 * Longitude: -93.261490 * Date/Time: 2003-11-01T16:42:00 * Elevation: -2915.0 m * Location: Campeche Knoll * Campaign: SO174/2 (OTEGA II) * Basis: Sonne * Method/Device: Television-Grab (TVG) * Comment: four deployments, recov.: lumps of tar
Gas hydrate concentrations (Conc.) are reported as parts per million by volume (ppmv) of hydrate gas. Sediment gas concentrations are reported as ppmv of interstitial water. Stable carbon isotopes (d13C) are reported as parts per thousand relative to Pee Dee Belemnite standard.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Sample typeSamp typeMacDonald, Ian R
2Carbon dioxideCO2ppmvMacDonald, Ian Rsee reference(s)
3δ13C, carbon dioxide, gas hydrateδ13C CO2 GH‰ PDBMacDonald, Ian Rsee reference(s)
4MethaneCH4ppmvMacDonald, Ian Rsee reference(s)
5δ13C, methaneδ13C CH4‰ PDBMacDonald, Ian Rsee reference(s)
6EthaneC2H6ppmvMacDonald, Ian Rsee reference(s)
7δ13C, ethaneδ13C C2H6‰ PDBMacDonald, Ian Rsee reference(s)
8PropaneC3H8ppmvMacDonald, Ian Rsee reference(s)
9δ13C, propaneδ13C C3H8‰ PDBMacDonald, Ian Rsee reference(s)
10Isobutanei-C4H10ppmvMacDonald, Ian Rsee reference(s)
11δ13C, isobutaneδ13C i-C4H10‰ PDBMacDonald, Ian Rsee reference(s)
12n-Butanen-C4H10ppmvMacDonald, Ian Rsee reference(s)
31 data points

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