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Mohtadi, Mahyar; Oppo, Delia W; Steinke, Stephan; Stuut, Jan-Berend W; De Pol-Holz, Ricardo; Hebbeln, Dierk; Lückge, Andreas (2011): Age model and palaeoclimate records over the past 22,000 years of sediment core GeoB10053-7. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Mohtadi, M et al. (2011): Glacial to Holocene swings of the Australian–Indonesian monsoon. Nature Geoscience, 4(8), 540-544,

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The Australian-Indonesian monsoon is an important component of the climate system in the tropical Indo-Pacific region. However, its past variability, relation with northern and southern high-latitude climate and connection to the other Asian monsoon systems are poorly understood. Here we present high-resolution records of monsoon-controlled austral winter upwelling during the past 22,000 years, based on planktic foraminiferal oxygen isotopes and faunal composition in a sedimentary archive collected offshore southern Java. We show that glacial-interglacial variations in the Australian-Indonesian winter monsoon were in phase with the Indian summer monsoon system, consistent with their modern linkage through cross-equatorial surface winds. Likewise, millennial-scale variability of upwelling shares similar sign and timing with upwelling variability in the Arabian Sea. On the basis of element composition and grain-size distribution as precipitation-sensitive proxies in the same archive, we infer that (austral) summer monsoon rainfall was highest during the Bølling-Allerød period and the past 2,500 years. Our results indicate drier conditions during Heinrich Stadial 1 due to a southward shift of summer rainfall and a relatively weak Hadley cell south of the Equator. We suggest that the Australian-Indonesian summer and winter monsoon variability were closely linked to summer insolation and abrupt climate changes in the northern hemisphere.
Latitude: -8.676500 * Longitude: 112.872500
Date/Time Start: 2005-08-29T12:03:00 * Date/Time End: 2005-08-29T12:03:00
GeoB10053-7 * Latitude: -8.676500 * Longitude: 112.872500 * Date/Time: 2005-08-29T12:03:00 * Elevation: -1372.0 m * Recovery: 7.6 m * Campaign: SO184/2 (PABESIA) * Basis: Sonne * Method/Device: Gravity corer (Kiel type) (SL)
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