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Langone, Antonio; Braga, Roberto; Massonne, Hans-Joachim; Tiepolo, Massimo (2011): Appendix A: LA-ICP-MS results (Laser-ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer) from monazite Moacir standard. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Langone, A et al. (2011): Preservation of old (prograde metamorphic) U-Th-Pb ages in unshielded monazite from the high-pressure paragneisses of the Variscan Ulten Zone (Italy). Lithos, 127(1-2), 68-85,

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Three samples of garnet-kyanite paragneiss from the Variscan Ulten Zone (Northern Italy) were studied in detail for U-Th-Pb monazite dating. Monazite in these gneisses is abundant, shows highly variable grain size and occupies different textural positions: within the matrix, as inclusion in garnet and kyanite, within apatite aggregates. Monazite shows different deformation features as a function of the textural position: enclosed (shielded) monazite is generally more fractured than matrix (unshielded) monazite. The integration of textural information with deformation features and in situ U-Th-Pb analyses by LA-ICP-MS indicates that there is no direct correlation between textural site and monazite ages. Old ages of 351-343 Ma, determined on portions of large matrix (unshielded) monazite and on rare domains of monazite shielded by garnet, have been related to a prograde stage of the Variscan metamorphic evolution of the Ulten Zone. Ages of 330-326 Ma, which are related to the thermal peak, are recorded by small matrix monazite, external domains of large matrix monazite, and by (domains of) fractured monazite enclosed in garnet and kyanite. Large, old unshielded grains formed as blasts during the prograde metamorphic history and survived the peak metamorphism during which crystallisation/re-crystallisation partially occurred.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1RunRunLangone, Antonio
2AnalysisAnalysisLangone, Antonio
3PositionPositionLangone, Antonioof Run
4Lead 206/Uranium 238 ratio206Pb/238ULangone, AntonioAge, 206Pb/232Th Lead-Thorium
5Error, relativeError r%Langone, Antonioint. error 1 sigma RSD
6Error, relativeError r%Langone, Antonioext. error 1 sigma RSD
7Lead 207/Uranium 235 ratio207Pb/235ULangone, AntonioAge, 206Pb/232Th Lead-Thorium
8Error, relativeError r%Langone, Antonioint. error 1 sigma RSD
9Error, relativeError r%Langone, Antonioext. error 1 sigma RSD
10Lead 208/Thorium 232 ratio208Pb/232ThLangone, AntonioAge, 206Pb/232Th Lead-Thorium
11Error, relativeError r%Langone, Antonioint. error 1 sigma RSD
12Error, relativeError r%Langone, Antonioext. error 1 sigma RSD
13Age, mineralAge mineralMaLangone, AntonioAge, 206Pb/238U Lead-Uranium
14Error, absoluteError a±Langone, Antonio1 sigma
15Age, mineralAge mineralMaLangone, AntonioAge, 207Pb/235U Lead-Uranium
16Error, absoluteError a±Langone, Antonio1 sigma
17Age, mineralAge mineralMaLangone, AntonioAge, 206Pb/232Th Lead-Thorium
18Error, absoluteError a±Langone, Antonio1 sigma
306 data points

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