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Gee, David G; Johansson, Åke; Larionov, Alexander N; Tebenkov, Alexander M (2011): Age determination on rock samples from Svalbard [dataset publication series]. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Gee, DG et al. (1999): A Caledonian Granitoid Pluton at Djupkilsodden, Central Nordaustlandet, Svalbard: Age, Magnetic Signature and Teetonic Significance. Polarforschung, 66(1/2), 19-32, hdl:10013/epic.29753.d001

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A linear, N-S-trending belt of elliptical, positive magnetic anomalies occurs in central Nordaustlandet, northeast Svalbard. They extend from the Caledonian and older complexes in the vicinity of Duvefjorden, southwards beneath the western margin of Austfonna and the offshore areas covered by Carboniferous and younger strata, to the vicinity of Edge¯ya. One of the strongest anomalies occurs in inner Duvefjorden where it coincides with a highly magnetic quartz monzonite-granite pluton at Djupkilsodden. U-Pb and Pb-Pb zircon dating of this post-tectonic pluton defines an age of c. 415 Ma, this being based on the Pb-Pb analyses of three specimens (Pb-Pb ages of 414±10 Ma, 411±10 Ma and 408±10 Ma) and a U-Pb discordia with an upper intercept at 417+18/-7 Ma. Neighbouring felsic plutons in central Nordaustlandet, including the Rijpfjorden and Winsnesbreen granites, lack magnetic signatures in their exposed parts, but have a similar Caledonian age. The central Nordaustlandet magnetic anomalies appear to be part of a circa 300 km long linear belt of late Silurian or early Devonian post-tectonic plutonism that characterizes the Caledonian basement of eastern Svalbard. Felsic intrusions of similar age further west in Spitsbergen are likewise both highly magnetic (Hornemantoppen batholith) and largely non-magnetic (Newtontoppen batholiths / Chydeniusbreen granitoid suite). They all appear to have been intruded at the end of the main period of Caledonian terrane assembly of the northwestern Barents Shelf.
Latitude: 79.800000 * Longitude: 22.400000
Nordaustlandet * Latitude: 79.800000 * Longitude: 22.400000 * Location: Nordaustlandet, Svalbard * Method/Device: Geological sample (GEOS)
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