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Expedition 325 Scientists (2011): Core-section summary for Hole 325-M0052B. PANGAEA,

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Webster, Jody M; Yokoyama, Yusuke; Cotterill, Carol; Expedition 325 Scientists (2011): Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. Tokyo (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International, Inc.), 325,
Latitude: -17.101100 * Longitude: 146.576330
Date/Time Start: 2010-03-27T01:22:00 * Date/Time End: 2010-03-27T01:22:00
Minimum Elevation: -103.7 m * Maximum Elevation: -97.6 m
325-M0052B (NOG_01BSite6) * Latitude: -17.101100 * Longitude: 146.576330 * Date/Time: 2010-03-27T01:22:00 * Elevation Start: -103.7 m * Elevation End: -97.6 m * Penetration: 6.9 m * Recovery: 0.46 m * Location: Great Barrier Reef, Australia * Campaign: Exp325 (Great Barrier Reef Environmental Changes) * Basis: Greatship Maya * Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: Drilling Depth Methods: DSF: tag sea floor; CSF: let overlap if long; CCSF: let overlap if long. Elevation Start = drill string tagging seabed including predicted tidal variations, Elevation End = corrected EM300 echo sounder data.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Sample code/labelSample labelExpedition 325 Scientists
2Liner LengthLLmExpedition 325 ScientistsMeasured
3Curated LengthCLmExpedition 325 ScientistsMeasured
4Section Top in meters below surfaceTopmbsfExpedition 325 ScientistsMeasured
5Section Bot in meters below surfaceBotmbsfExpedition 325 ScientistsMeasured
6CommentCommentExpedition 325 Scientists
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