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Burckle, Lloyd H (1996): (Table 2) Diatom abundances in ODP Hole 150-903A. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Burckle, LH (1996): Diatom Biostratigraphy, Leg 150. In: Mountain, GS; Miller, KG; Blum, P; Pag, CE & Twichell, DC (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 150, 14-35,

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Latitude: 38.938300 * Longitude: -72.817200
Date/Time Start: 1993-06-18T15:30:00 * Date/Time End: 1993-06-21T17:00:00
Minimum Elevation: -456.0 m * Maximum Elevation: -456.0 m
150-903A * Latitude: 38.938300 * Longitude: -72.817200 * Date/Time Start: 1993-06-18T15:30:00 * Date/Time End: 1993-06-21T17:00:00 * Elevation: -456.0 m * Penetration: 702.8 m * Recovery: 636.77 m * Location: North Atlantic Ocean * Campaign: Leg150 * Basis: Joides Resolution * Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: 76 cores; 702.8 m cored; 0 m drilled; 90.6 % recovery
Species abundance: A = abundnat, C = common, R = rare, -= absent.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Sample code/labelSample labelBurckle, Lloyd HODP sample designation
2Diatom abundanceDiatom abundBurckle, Lloyd HA = abundant, C = common, R = rare, B = barren
3Diatom preservationDiatom preservBurckle, Lloyd HG = good, M = moderate, P = poor
4Actinocyclus ellipticusA. ellipticusBurckle, Lloyd H
5Actinocyclus ingensA. ingensBurckle, Lloyd H
6Actinocyclus tenellusA. tenellusBurckle, Lloyd H
7Actinoptychus undulatusA. undulatusBurckle, Lloyd H
8Azpeitia endoiA. endoiBurckle, Lloyd H
9Cavitatus jouseanusC. jouseanusBurckle, Lloyd H
10Coscinodiscus marginatusC. marginatusBurckle, Lloyd H
11Coscinodiscus tempereiC. tempereiBurckle, Lloyd H
12Coscinodiscus temperei var. delicataC. temperei var. delicataBurckle, Lloyd H
13Coscinodiscus yabeiC. yabeiBurckle, Lloyd H
14Craspedodiscus coscinodiscusC. coscinodiscusBurckle, Lloyd H
15Cymatosira immunisC. immunisBurckle, Lloyd H
16Delphineis novaecaesaraeaD. novaecaesaraeaBurckle, Lloyd H
17Denticulopsis hustedtiiD. hustedtiiBurckle, Lloyd H
18Denticulopsis punctata var. hustedtiiD. punctata var. hustedtiiBurckle, Lloyd H
19Hemidiscus cuneiformisH. cuneiformisBurckle, Lloyd H
20Mediaria splendidaM. splendidaBurckle, Lloyd H
21Paralia sulcataP. sulcataBurckle, Lloyd H
22Paralia sulcata var. coronataP. sulcata var. coronataBurckle, Lloyd H
23Rhizosolenia barboiR. barboiBurckle, Lloyd H
24Rhizosolenia praebarboiR. praebarboiBurckle, Lloyd H
25Roperia tesselataR. tesselataBurckle, Lloyd H
26Rossiella paleaceaR. paleaceaBurckle, Lloyd H
27Stephanopyxis grunowiiS. grunowiiBurckle, Lloyd H
28Stephanopyxis turrisS. turrisBurckle, Lloyd H
29Thalassionema nitzschioidesT. nitzschioidesBurckle, Lloyd H
30Thalassiosira grunowiiT. grunowiiBurckle, Lloyd H
31Thalassiosira lineataT. lineataBurckle, Lloyd H
2688 data points

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