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Jacques, Frédéric M B; Guo, Shuang-Xing; Su, Tao; Xing, Yao-Wu; Huang, Yong-Jiang; Liu, Yu-Sheng Christopher; Ferguson, David-Kay; Zhou, Zhekun (2011): Late Miocene palaeoflora and palaeoclimate of Lincang (China). PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Jacques, FMB et al. (2011): Quantitative reconstruction of the Late Miocene monsoon climates of southwest China: A case study of the Lincang flora from Yunnan Province. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 304(3-4), 318-327,

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The Miocene Lincang leaf assemblage is used in this paper as proxy data to reconstruct the palaeoclimate of southwestern Yunnan (SW China) and the evolution of monsoon intensity. Three quantitative methods were chosen for this reconstruction, i.e. Leaf Margin Analysis (LMA), Climate Leaf Analysis Multivariate Program (CLAMP), and the Coexistence Approach (CA). These methods, however, yield inconsistent results, particularly for the precipitation, as also shown in European and other East Asian Cenozoic floras. The wide range of the reconstructed climatic parameters includes the Mean Annual Temperature (MAT) of 18.5-24.7 °C and the Mean Annual Precipitation (MAP) of 1213-3711 mm. Compared with the modern Lincang climate (MAT, 17.3 °C; MAP, 1178.7 mm), the Miocene climate is slightly warmer, wetter and has a higher temperature seasonality. A detailed comparison on the palaeoclimatic variables with the coeval Late Miocene Xiaolongtan flora from the eastern part of Yunnan allows us to investigate the development and interactions of both South Asian and East Asian monsoons during the Late Miocene in southwest China, now under strong influence of these monsoon systems. Our results suggest that the monsoon climate has already been established in southwest Yunnan during the Late Miocene. Furthermore, our results support that both Southeast Asian and East Asian monsoons co-occurred in Yunnan during the Late Miocene.
Latitude: 23.900000 * Longitude: 100.016700
Lincang * Latitude: 23.900000 * Longitude: 100.016700 * Elevation: 1650.0 m * Location: Yunnan, China * Campaign: NECLIME_campaign * Device: Paleontological sampling (PALSAMP)
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