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Remizov, DN (2011): Tab.1: Representative bulk-rock and trace element chemistry. doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.757271,
Supplement to: Remizov, Dmitry N (2006): Metabasite basement of the Voikar Island Arc in the Polar Urals. Polarforschung, 73(2/3), 49-57, hdl:10013/epic.29911.d001
High-pressure/low-temperature metabasites occupy a definite geological position within the structure of the Polar Urals and have a very important bearing on the understanding of the early history of the Ural Mountains. Recently obtained geological, petrographic, geochemical and isotope data allow some conclusions on this history. The metabasites of the Khord"yus and Dzela complexes contain relics of a Neoproterozoic (578 ±8 Ma) oceanic crust. This crust formed part of the base of the early Paleozoic (500 Ma) ensimatic island arc and experienced Ca-Al-Si±Na metasomatism and, probably, partial melting with the formation of boninite melts. However, so far no boninite volcanics have been found. The metabasites at the base of the island arc took part in the collision and as a consequence experienced glaucophane schist and greenschist facies metamorphism during the collision and obduction over the passive Baltic margin 350 ±11 Ma ago.
Latitude: 65.400000 * Longitude: 62.000000
Dzela * * Latitude: 65.400000 * Longitude: 62.000000 * Location: Voikar massif, Polar Urals * * Device: Geological sample (GEOS) *
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
2Sample code/label *LabelRemizov, Dmitry N *
3Rock type *RockRemizov, Dmitry N *
4Silicon dioxide *SiO2%Remizov, Dmitry N *
5Titanium oxide *TiO2%Remizov, Dmitry N *
6Aluminium oxide *Al2O3%Remizov, Dmitry N *
7Iron oxide, Fe2O3 *Fe2O3%Remizov, Dmitry N *
8Iron oxide, FeO *FeO%Remizov, Dmitry N *
9Manganese oxide *MnO%Remizov, Dmitry N *
10Magnesium oxide *MgO%Remizov, Dmitry N *
11Calcium oxide *CaO%Remizov, Dmitry N *
12Sodium oxide *Na2O%Remizov, Dmitry N *
13Potassium oxide *K2O%Remizov, Dmitry N *
14Phosphorus oxide *P2O5%Remizov, Dmitry N *
15Loss on ignition *LOI%Remizov, Dmitry N *
16Elements, total *total%Remizov, Dmitry N *
17Lanthanum *Lamg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
18Cerium *Cemg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
19Neodymium *Ndmg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
20Samarium *Smmg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
21Europium *Eumg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
22Terbium *Tbmg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
23Ytterbium *Ybmg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
24Lutetium *Lumg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
25Rare-earth elements *REEmg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
26Rubidium *Rbmg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
27Caesium *Csmg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
28Strontium *Srmg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
29Barium *Bamg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
30Chromium *Crmg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
31Cobalt *Comg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
32Arsenic *Asmg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
33Antimony *Sbmg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
34Scandium *Scmg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
35Hafnium *Hfmg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
36Thorium *Thmg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
37Uranium *Umg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
38Tantalum *Tamg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
39Zirconium *Zrmg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
40Nickel *Nimg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
41Selenium *Semg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
42Zinc *Znmg/kgRemizov, Dmitry N *
800 data points

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