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Scherer, Maximilian; Bernard, Jürgen; Schreck, Tobias (2011): Reference list of sources used for two experimental data files dataBSRN and dataMixed. PANGAEA,

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Increasing amounts of data is collected in most areas of research and application. The degree to which this data can be accessed, analyzed, and retrieved, is a decisive in obtaining progress in fields such as scientific research or industrial production. We present a novel methodology supporting content-based retrieval and exploratory search in repositories of multivariate research data. In particular, our methods are able to describe two-dimensional functional dependencies in research data, e.g. the relationship between ination and unemployment in economics. Our basic idea is to use feature vectors based on the goodness-of-fit of a set of regression models to describe the data mathematically. We denote this approach Regressional Features and use it for content-based search and, since our approach motivates an intuitive definition of interestingness, for exploring the most interesting data. We apply our method on considerable real-world research datasets, showing the usefulness of our approach for user-centered access to research data in a Digital Library system.
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Scherer, Maximilian; Bernard, Jürgen; Schreck, Tobias (2011): Retrieval and exploratory search in multivariate research data repositories using regressional features. ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries,
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