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Mudie, PJ et al. (2011): Tab. 1: Radiocarbon ages of samples from the Canadian archipelago. doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.756298,
Supplement to: Mudie, Peta J; Rochon, André; Prins, Maarten A; Soenarjo, Donny; Troelstra, Simon; Levac, Elisabeth; Scott, David B; Roncaglia, Lucia; Kuijpers, Antoon (2006): Late Pleistocene-Holocene marine geology of nares strait Region: palaeoceanography from foraminifera and dinoflagellate cysts, sedimentology and stable isotopes. Polarforschung, 74(1-3), 169-183, hdl:10013/epic.29931.d001
A sediment-sampling program was carried out in the Nares Strait region during the Nares 2001 Expedition to obtain cores for high-resolution palaeoceanographic studies of late Pleistocene-Holocene climate change. Long cores (>4 m) were obtained from basins near Coburg Island, Jones Sound, John Richardson Fiord off Kane Basin, and in northeastern Hall Basin. Short cores and grab samples were taken on shelves east and west of northern Smith Sound and in Kennedy Channel. Detailed studies of sediment texture, stable isotopes, microfossils and palynomorphs were made on the longest cores from Jones Sound and Hall Basin at the southern and northern ends of the Nares Strait region.
Median Latitude: 78.527500 * Median Longitude: -70.478300 * South-bound Latitude: 75.583300 * West-bound Longitude: -78.683300 * North-bound Latitude: 81.471700 * East-bound Longitude: -62.273300
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.17 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 10.80 m
LSSL2001-006PC * * Latitude: 75.583300 * Longitude: -78.683300 * Elevation: -561.0 m * Location: Coburg Island, Jones Sound, Canada * * Device: Gravity corer (GC) * * Comment: bioturbated organic-rich clayey mud
LSSL2001-79PC * * Latitude: 81.471700 * Longitude: -62.273300 * Elevation: -550.0 m * Location: northeastern Hall Basin, Canada * * Device: Gravity corer (GC) * * Comment: dominantly clayey calcareous mud, with an upper unit of brown silty mud and scattered sand
Ages are corrected for isotopic fractionation but not sea water age.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Event label *Event
2DEPTH, sediment/rock *DepthmGeocode
3Age, dated material *Dated materialMudie, Peta J *
4delta 13C *d13Cper mil PDBMudie, Peta J *
5Mass *MassmgMudie, Peta J *of carbon
6Age, dated *Age datedkaMudie, Peta J *Age, radiocarbon *uncorrected
7Age, dated standard deviation *Age std dev±Mudie, Peta J *Age, radiocarbon *
8Calendar years *Cal yrska BPMudie, Peta J *from
9Calendar years *Cal yrska BPMudie, Peta J *to
10Age, cultural *Cult ageMudie, Peta J *from
11Age, cultural *Cult ageMudie, Peta J *to
12Sample, optional label/labor no *Lab noMudie, Peta J *
61 data points

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