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Campbell, Robert J; Howe, Richard W; Rexilius, John P (2004): (Table 3h) Foraminiferal distribution chart of petroleum well Swan-3St. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Campbell, RJ et al. (2004): Middle Campanian-lowermost Maastrichtian nannofossil and foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the northwestern Australian margin. Cretaceous Research, 25(6), 827-864,

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Latitude: -12.194822 * Longitude: 124.493611
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 2368.0 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 2490.0 m
Swan-3St * Latitude: -12.194822 * Longitude: 124.493611 * Location: North west Australian continental margin * Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL)
A = abundant (>50 specimens per sample); C = common (20-50 specimens per sample); F = frequent (10-19 specimens per sample); R = rare (2-9 specimens per sample); S = single (1 specimen per sample), - = not present.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmGeocode
2Planktonic foraminifera zonePlank foram zoneCampbell, Robert JKPF = planktonic foraminifera zonation
3Benthic foraminifera zoneBenth foram zoneCampbell, Robert JKBF = benthonic foraminifera zonation
4Foraminifera, planktic abundanceForam planktCampbell, Robert JH = high, M = middle, L = low
5Foraminifera, planktic preservationForam plankt preservCampbell, Robert JG = good, M = moderate, P = poor, VP = very poor
6Abathomphalus intermediusA. intermediusCampbell, Robert J
7Archaeoglobigerina blowiA. blowiCampbell, Robert J
8Archaeoglobigerina cretaceaA. cretaceaCampbell, Robert J
9Bolivinoides australisB. australisCampbell, Robert J
10Bolivinoides miliarisB. miliarisCampbell, Robert J
11Bolivinoides cf. miliarisB. cf. miliarisCampbell, Robert J
12Contusotruncana fornicataC. fornicataCampbell, Robert J
13Coryphostoma incrassataC. incrassataCampbell, Robert J
14Globigerinelloides impensusG. impensusCampbell, Robert J
15Globigerinelloides spp.Globigerinelloides spp.Campbell, Robert J
16Globotruncana arcaG. arcaCampbell, Robert J
17Globotruncana bulloidesG. bulloidesCampbell, Robert J
18Globotruncana linneianaG. linneianaCampbell, Robert J
19Globotruncana cf. linneianaG. cf. linneianaCampbell, Robert J
20Globotruncana ventricosaG. ventricosaCampbell, Robert J
21Globotruncanella havanensisG. havanensisCampbell, Robert J
22Globotruncanella cf. minutaG. cf. minutaCampbell, Robert J
23Globotruncanella petaloideaG. petaloideaCampbell, Robert J
24Globotruncanita elevataG. elevataCampbell, Robert J
25Globotruncanita cf. elevataG. cf. elevataCampbell, Robert J
26Gublerina cuvillieriG. cuvillieriCampbell, Robert J
27Hedbergella holmdelensisH. holmdelensisCampbell, Robert J
28Heterohelix cf. papulaH. cf. papulaCampbell, Robert J
29Heterohelix rajagopalaniH. rajagopalaniCampbell, Robert J
30Heterohelix semicostataH. semicostataCampbell, Robert J
31Heterohelix spp.Heterohelix spp.Campbell, Robert J
32Neoflabellina praereticulataN. praereticulataCampbell, Robert J
33Planoglobulina riograndensisP. riograndensisCampbell, Robert J
34Pseudotextularia nuttalliP. nuttalliCampbell, Robert J
35Rugoglobigerina milamensisR. milamensisCampbell, Robert J
36Rugoglobigerina pennyiR. pennyiCampbell, Robert J
37Rugoglobigerina rugosaR. rugosaCampbell, Robert J
38Trinitella sp.Trinitella sp.Campbell, Robert Jsp. 1, genus questionable
39Stensioeina granulata inconditaS. granulata inconditaCampbell, Robert J
40Stensioeina pommeranaS. pommeranaCampbell, Robert J
618 data points

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