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Miller, H et al. (1987): Tab. 1: Zircon isotopic data and rock ages from the Antarctic Peninsula. doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.755487,
Supplement to: Miller, Hubert; Loske, Werner; Kramm, Ulrich (1987): Zircon provenance and Gondwana reconstruction: U-Pb data of detrital zircons from Triassic Trinity Peninsula formation metasandstones. Polarforschung, 57(1/2), 59-69, hdl:10013/epic.29583.d001
Morphological and U-Pb isotope studies on sedimentary zircons reflect the orogenic evolution of their former host rocks. The orogenic history of detrital zircons from the Trinity Peninsula Formation (TPF) defines the former geological surrounding of the sedimentation basin of the TPF. Same few weil rounded, polycyclic zircons of Precambrian age and Cambrian overprint give hints for an old cratonic source rock. Because of their very low frequency compared with euhedral types, the contribution of an cratonic shield area to the bulk of the sedimentary debris is neglectable low. Euhedral zircons of granitoid origin and Carboniferous age indicate a derivation from an area of widespread Carboniferous intrusions. Except for southern South America and unsurveyed regions in the Antarctic Peninsula itself, no region could deliver zircons with a Carboniferous age record. The only acceptable explanation for the origin of these zircons is a position of the Antarctic Peninsula during the sedimentation of the TPF approximately southwest of southern South America.
Median Latitude: -62.958350 * Median Longitude: -59.216650 * South-bound Latitude: -63.316700 * West-bound Longitude: -60.500000 * North-bound Latitude: -62.600000 * East-bound Longitude: -57.933300
Gandara * * Latitude: -63.316700 * Longitude: -57.933300 * Location: Gandara Island, Antarctic Peninsula * * Device: Geological sample (GEOS) *
Livingston-Hurd * * Latitude: -62.600000 * Longitude: -60.500000 * Location: Livingston + Hurd Island, South Shetland Islands, Western Antarctica * * Device: Geological sample (GEOS) *
s = S-type zircons, c = C-type zirkons, r = reddish colour, b = brownish color, p = pink colour, a = all colours, m = metamict. Used
constants: STEIGER & JÄGER (1977). Common-Pb composition: STACEY & KREAMERS (1975). Euhedral zirkons 400 Ma, xenomorphic zircons 700 and 800 Ma. Composition of Pb-blank: 208/204, 207/204, 206/204: 37.5, 15.5, 17.72
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Event label *Event
2Sample comment *Samp comMiller, Hubert *
3Size fraction *FractionMiller, Hubert *
4Mass *MassmgMiller, Hubert *
5Lead 208/Lead 206 ratio *208Pb/206PbMiller, Hubert *Measured *
6Lead 207/Lead 206 ratio *207Pb/206PbMiller, Hubert *Measured *
7Lead 206/Lead 204 ratio *206Pb/204PbMiller, Hubert *Measured *
8Uranium *Umg/kgMiller, Hubert *
9Lead *Pbmg/kgMiller, Hubert *total
10Lead 206 *206PbnmolMiller, Hubert *rad
11Lead 206/Uranium 238 *206Pb/238UMiller, Hubert *corrected *
12Lead 207/Uranium 235 *207Pb/235UMiller, Hubert *corrected *
13Lead 207/Lead 206 ratio *207Pb/206PbMiller, Hubert *corrected *
14Age, dated *Age datedkaMiller, Hubert *Age, 238U/206Pb Uranium-Lead *
15Age, dated *Age datedkaMiller, Hubert *Age, 235U/207Pb Uranium-Lead *
16Age, dated *Age datedkaMiller, Hubert *Age, 206Pb/207Pb Lead-Lead *
390 data points

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