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Li, Liangquan; Keller, Gerta; Stinnesbeck, Wolfgang (1999): (Table 1) Relative abundances of Maastrichtian benthic foraminifera at El Kef, Part I. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Li, L et al. (1999): The Late Campanian and Maastrichtian in northwestern Tunisia: palaeoenvironmental inferences from lithology, macrofauna and benthic foraminifera. Cretaceous Research, 20(2), 231-252,

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Latitude: 29.330000 * Longitude: 0.320000
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 12.0 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 29.5 m
El-Kef * Latitude: 29.330000 * Longitude: 0.320000 * Device: Outcrop sample (OUTCROP)
Depth, sediment is depth below K/T boundary.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmGeocode
2Alabamina dorsoplanaA. dorsoplana%Li, Liangquan
3Angulogerina cuneataA. cuneata%Li, Liangquan
4Anomalinoides acutaA. acuta%Li, Liangquan
5Anomalinoides praeacutusA. praeacutus%Li, Liangquan
6Anomalinoides welleriA. welleri%Li, Liangquan
7Arenobulimina spp.Arenobulimina spp.%Li, Liangquan
8Astacolus sp.Astacolus sp.%Li, Liangquan
9Berthelinella delicatulusB. delicatulus%Li, Liangquan
10Bolivinoides draco dracoB. draco draco%Li, Liangquan
11Bolivinoides draco miliarisB. draco miliaris%Li, Liangquan
12Cibicidoides alleniC. alleni%Li, Liangquan
13Cibicidoides dayiC. dayi%Li, Liangquan
14Cibicidoides succedensC. succedens%Li, Liangquan
15Cibicidoides susanaensisC. susanaensis%Li, Liangquan
16Coryphostoma incrassataC. incrassata%Li, Liangquan
17Coryphostoma incrassata giganteaC. incrassata gigantea%Li, Liangquan
18Coryphostoma midwayensisC. midwayensis%Li, Liangquan
19Coryphostoma plaitumC. plaitum%Li, Liangquan
20Dentalina alternataD. alternata%Li, Liangquan
21Dentalina basiplanataD. basiplanata%Li, Liangquan
22Dentalina catenulaD. catenula%Li, Liangquan
23Dentalina gracilisD. gracilis%Li, Liangquan
24Dentalina legumenD. legumen%Li, Liangquan
25Dentalina stephensoniD. stephensoni%Li, Liangquan
26Dorothia bullettaD. bulletta%Li, Liangquan
27Dorothia oxyconaD. oxycona%Li, Liangquan
28Dorothia pupaD. pupa%Li, Liangquan
29Eouvigerina maqfiensisE. maqfiensis%Li, Liangquan
30Fissurina orbignyanaF. orbignyana%Li, Liangquan
31Fursenkoina sp.Fursenkoina sp.%Li, Liangquan
32Gaudryina pyramidataG. pyramidata%Li, Liangquan
33Globorotalites tappanaeG. tappanae%Li, Liangquan
34Globulina lacrimaG. lacrima%Li, Liangquan
35Guttulina cuspidataG. cuspidata%Li, Liangquan
36Gyroidina cretaceaG. cretacea%Li, Liangquan
37Gyroidina depressaG. depressa%Li, Liangquan
38Gyroidina planulataG. planulata%Li, Liangquan
39Gyroidinoides gyrardanaG. gyrardana%Li, Liangquan
40Gyroidinoides nitidusG. nitidus%Li, Liangquan
41Gyroidinoides quadratus martiniG. quadratus martini%Li, Liangquan
42Gyroidinoides subangulatusG. subangulatus%Li, Liangquan
43Lagena austicostaL. austicosta%Li, Liangquan
44Lagena hispidaL. hispida%Li, Liangquan
45Lenticulina modestaL. modesta%Li, Liangquan
46Lenticulina muensteriL. muensteri%Li, Liangquan
47Lingulinopsis sp.Lingulinopsis sp.%Li, Liangquan
48Loxostomodes applinaeL. applinae%Li, Liangquan
49Neoflabellina jarvisiN. jarvisi%Li, Liangquan
50Neoflabellina rugosaN. rugosa%Li, Liangquan
51Nodosaria limbataN. limbata%Li, Liangquan
52Nuttallides truempyiN. truempyi%Li, Liangquan
53Nuttallides aperaN. apera%Li, Liangquan
54Oolina apiculataO. apiculata%Li, Liangquan
55Oolina delicataO. delicata%Li, Liangquan
56Oolina globulosaO. globulosa%Li, Liangquan
57Oridorsalis umbonatusO. umbonatus%Li, Liangquan
58Osangularia cordierianaO. cordieriana%Li, Liangquan
59Palmula primitivaP. primitiva%Li, Liangquan
60Praebulimina asperaP. aspera%Li, Liangquan
61Praebulimina carseyaeP. carseyae%Li, Liangquan
62Praebulimina cushmaniP. cushmani%Li, Liangquan
63Praebulimina kickapooensisP. kickapooensis%Li, Liangquan
64Praebulimina lajollaensisP. lajollaensis%Li, Liangquan
65Praebulimina quadrataP. quadrata%Li, Liangquan
66Praebulimina reussiP. reussi%Li, Liangquan
67Praebulimina trochoidesP. trochoides%Li, Liangquan
68Praebulimina midwayensisP. midwayensis%Li, Liangquan
69Pseudonodosaria manifestaP. manifesta%Li, Liangquan
70Pseudonodosaria obesaP. obesa%Li, Liangquan
71Pullenia cretaceaP. cretacea%Li, Liangquan
72Pullenia jarvisiP. jarvisi%Li, Liangquan
73Pullenia sp.Pullenia sp.%Li, Liangquan
74Pyramidina triangularisP. triangularis%Li, Liangquan
75Pyrulina sp.Pyrulina sp.%Li, Liangquan
76Quadrimorphina camerataQ. camerata%Li, Liangquan
77Saracenaria naviculaS. navicula%Li, Liangquan
78Saracenaria triangularisS. triangularis%Li, Liangquan
79Spiroplectammina knebeliS. knebeli%Li, Liangquan
80Spiroplectammina spectabilisS. spectabilis%Li, Liangquan
81Stensioeina beccariiformisS. beccariiformis%Li, Liangquan
82Stensioeina excolataS. excolata%Li, Liangquan
83Tritaxia esnaensisT. esnaensis%Li, Liangquan
84Tritaxia midwayensisT. midwayensis%Li, Liangquan
85Valvuliana aegyptiacaV. aegyptiaca%Li, Liangquan
86Vaginulinopsis directaV. directa%Li, Liangquan
87Foraminifera, benthicForam bent#Li, Liangquan
2064 data points

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