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Miotke, F-D (1979): Tab 1-4 Weight and volume reduction as well as surface subsidence during abrasion experiments. doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.754387,
Supplement to: Miotke, Franz-Dieter (1979): Die Formung und Formungsgeschwindigkeit von Windkantern in Victoria-Land, Antarktis. Polarforschung, 49(1), 30-43, hdl:10013/epic.29469.d001
Antarctic land surfaces in South Victoria Land, all without a covering of vegetation, are actively formed by winds which often reach velocities of more than 100 km/h. Consequently, deflation and abrasion are essential factors in the process of slope formation. Water erosion, active only during the very short summer period, is limited to a few localities in South Victoria Land.
Experiments in a wind tunnel proved that ventifacts in the Dry Valleys can be formed within a few decades or at the most, a few centuries. Yearly corrasion rates average around a maximum of a few millimeters. Considerable variability is caused by the different exposures of ventifacts within the micro relief end the varying resistance of the rocks. The importance of ice crystals (snow) for abrasion processes should not be overestimated.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Table *TabMiotke, Franz-Dieter *in publication
2Rock type *RockMiotke, Franz-Dieter *used for experiment
3Time in minutes *TimeminMiotke, Franz-Dieter *run time
4Loss *LossMiotke, Franz-Dieter *Wind tunnel experiment *[mg] weight loss
5Loss *LossMiotke, Franz-Dieter *Calculated *[mg/h] equivalent
6Loss *LossMiotke, Franz-Dieter *Calculated *[mg/cm**2 h] equivalent
7Loss *LossMiotke, Franz-Dieter *Calculated *[mm**3/cm**2 h] volume loss
8Loss *LossMiotke, Franz-Dieter *Calculated *[mm/h] surface reduction
9Loss *LossMiotke, Franz-Dieter *Calculated *[mm/day] surface reduction
10Loss *LossMiotke, Franz-Dieter *Calculated *[mm/week] surface reduction
11Loss *LossMiotke, Franz-Dieter *Calculated *[mm/month] surface reduction
12Loss *LossMiotke, Franz-Dieter *Calculated *[mm/year] surface reduction
13Loss *LossMiotke, Franz-Dieter *Calculated *[mm/year] mean
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