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Tikhomirov, P L; Akinin, V V; Ispolatov, V O; Alexander, P; Cherepanova, I Yu; Zagoskin, V V (2006): Ages of rocks and minerals from the Okhotsk-Chukotka volcanic belt. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Tikhomirov, PL et al. (2006): The Okhotsk-Chukotka volcanic belt: Age of its northern part according to new Ar-Ar and U-Pb geochronological data. Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation, 14(5), 524-537,

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Current geochronological data on the Okhotsk-Chukotka volcanic belt (OCVB) and relevant problems are discussed. The belt evolution is suggested to be modeled based on 40Ar/39Ar and U-Pb dates more useful in several aspects than common K-Ar or Rb-Sr dates and methods of paleobotanical correlation. Based on new40Ar/39Ar and U-Pb dates obtained for volcanic rocks in the OCVB northern part, the younger (Coniacian) age is established for lower stratigraphic units in the Central Chukotka segment of the belt, and eastward migration of volcanic activity is shown for terminal stages of this structure evolution.
Median Latitude: 67.862370 * Median Longitude: 173.092013 * South-bound Latitude: 66.345700 * West-bound Longitude: 167.516200 * North-bound Latitude: 68.670800 * East-bound Longitude: 176.920800
OCVB-03-10 * Latitude: 66.815400 * Longitude: 169.590600
OCVB-03-11 * Latitude: 66.834300 * Longitude: 169.744400
OCVB-03-12 * Latitude: 66.839700 * Longitude: 169.765600
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