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Ibaraki, Masako (1990): (Table 10) Distribution of planktonic foraminifers in ODP Hole 112-688A. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Ibaraki, M (1990): Eocene through Pleistocene planktonic foraminifers off Peru, Leg 112 - biostratigraphy and paleoceanography. In: Suess, E; von Huene, R; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 112, 239-262,

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Latitude: -11.537660 * Longitude: -78.942830
Date/Time Start: 1986-12-05T17:15:00 * Date/Time End: 1986-12-07T02:30:00
Minimum Elevation: -3827.0 m * Maximum Elevation: -3827.0 m
112-688A * Latitude: -11.537660 * Longitude: -78.942830 * Date/Time Start: 1986-12-05T17:15:00 * Date/Time End: 1986-12-07T02:30:00 * Elevation: -3827.0 m * Penetration: 350.3 m * Recovery: 245.29 m * Location: South Pacific Ocean * Campaign: Leg112 * Basis: Joides Resolution * Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: 37 cores; 350.3 m cored; 0 m drilled; 70 % recovery
Species abundance: A = abundant (>10 % of assemblage), C = common (3-10 %), F = few (0.5-3 %), R = rare (<0.5 %), T = tarce (only one or two specimens in entire assemblage), - = absent.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Sample code/labelSample labelIbaraki, MasakoODP sample designation
2Foraminifera, planktic abundanceForam planktIbaraki, MasakoA = abundant, C = common, F = few, R = rare, B = barren
3Foraminifera, planktic preservationForam plankt preservIbaraki, MasakoG = good, M = moderate, P = poor
4Globigerina bulloidesG. bulloidesIbaraki, Masako
5Globigerina calidaG. calidaIbaraki, Masako
6Globigerina falconensisG. falconensisIbaraki, Masako
7Globigerina megastomaG. megastomaIbaraki, Masako
8Globigerina quinquelobaG. quinquelobaIbaraki, Masako
9Globigerina rubescensG. rubescensIbaraki, Masako
10Globigerina umbilicataG. umbilicataIbaraki, Masako
11Globoquadrina larmeui obesaG. larmeui obesaIbaraki, Masako
12Globigerinoides elongatusG. elongatusIbaraki, Masako
13Globigerinoides immaturusG. immaturusIbaraki, Masako
14Globigerinoides obliquus obliquusG. obliquus obliquusIbaraki, Masako
15Globigerinoides ruberG. ruberIbaraki, Masako
16Globigerinoides sacculiferG. sacculiferIbaraki, Masako
17Globigerinoides tenellusG. tenellusIbaraki, Masako
18Globoquadrina conglomerataG. conglomerataIbaraki, Masako
19Globorotaloides hexagonusG. hexagonusIbaraki, Masako
20Orbulina suturalisO. suturalisIbaraki, Masako
21Orbulina universaO. universaIbaraki, Masako
22Globigerinella aequilateralisG. aequilateralisIbaraki, Masako
23Globigerinita glutinataG. glutinataIbaraki, Masako
24Globigerinita iotaGlobigerinita iotaIbaraki, Masako
25Globigerinita minutaG. minutaIbaraki, Masako
26Globigerinita uvulaG. uvulaIbaraki, Masako
27Globorotalia anfractaG. anfractaIbaraki, Masako
28Globorotalia bermudeziG. bermudeziIbaraki, Masako
29Globorotalia crassaformis crassaformisG. crassaf crassafIbaraki, Masako
30Globorotalia cultrata menardiiG. cultrata menardiiIbaraki, Masako
31Globorotalia hirsutaG. hirsutaIbaraki, Masako
32Globorotalia inflataG. inflataIbaraki, Masako
33Globorotalia minutissimaG. minutissimaIbaraki, Masako
34Globorotalia neominutissimaG. neominutissimaIbaraki, Masako
35Globorotalia obesaG. obesaIbaraki, Masako
36Globorotalia parkeraeG. parkeraeIbaraki, Masako
37Globorotalia pumilioG. pumilioIbaraki, Masako
38Globorotalia puncticulataG. puncticulataIbaraki, Masako
39Globorotalia rondaG. rondaIbaraki, Masako
40Globorotalia scitulaG. scitulaIbaraki, Masako
41Globorotalia theyeriG. theyeriIbaraki, Masako
42Globorotalia tosaensisG. tosaensisIbaraki, Masako
43Globorotalia tumidaG. tumidaIbaraki, Masako
44Globorotalia ungulataG. ungulataIbaraki, Masako
45Hastigerinopsis riedeliH. riedeliIbaraki, Masako
46Beella digitataB. digitataIbaraki, Masako
47Beella praedigitataB. praedigitataIbaraki, Masako
48Neogloboquadrina acostaensisN. acostaensisIbaraki, Masako
49Neogloboquadrina blowiN. blowiIbaraki, Masako
50Neogloboquadrina dutertreiN. dutertreiIbaraki, Masako
51Neogloboquadrina eggeriN. eggeriIbaraki, Masako
52Neogloboquadrina humerosaN. humerosaIbaraki, Masako
53Neogloboquadrina incomptaN. incomptaIbaraki, Masako
54Neogloboquadrina pachydermaN. pachydermaIbaraki, Masako
55Pulleniatina obliquiloculataP. obliquiloculataIbaraki, Masako
56Sphaeroidinella dehiscensS. dehiscensIbaraki, Masako
2118 data points

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