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Monjanel, Anne-Lise; Baldauf, Jack G (1989): (Table 2) Occurrence of selected diatom species in ODP Site 105-646A. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Monjanel, A-L; Baldauf, JG (1989): Miocene to Holocene diatom biostratigraphy from Baffin Bay and Labrador Sea, Ocean Drilling Program Sites 645 and 646. In: Srivastava, SP; Arthur, M; Clement, B; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 105, 305-322,

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Latitude: 58.209300 * Longitude: -48.369100
Date/Time Start: 1985-10-03T05:45:00 * Date/Time End: 1985-10-13T21:01:00
Minimum Elevation: -3460.0 m * Maximum Elevation: -3459.0 m
105-646A * Latitude: 58.209300 * Longitude: -48.369100 * Date/Time Start: 1985-10-03T05:45:00 * Date/Time End: 1985-10-04T05:30:00 * Elevation: -3460.0 m * Penetration: 103.5 m * Recovery: 92.14 m * Location: Labrador Sea * Campaign: Leg105 * Basis: Joides Resolution * Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: 11 core; 103.5 m cored; 0 m drilled; 89 % recovery
105-646B * Latitude: 58.209300 * Longitude: -48.369100 * Date/Time Start: 1985-10-04T08:45:00 * Date/Time End: 1985-10-13T21:01:00 * Elevation: -3459.0 m * Penetration: 766.7 m * Recovery: 404.25 m * Location: Labrador Sea * Campaign: Leg105 * Basis: Joides Resolution * Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: 80 cores; 766.2 m cored; 0 m drilled; 52.8 % recovery
species abundance: A = abundant, C = common, F = few, R = rare, - = absent
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Event labelEvent
2Sample code/labelSample labelMonjanel, Anne-LiseODP sample designation
3Diatom abundanceDiatom abundMonjanel, Anne-LiseA = abundant, F = few, R 0 rarem B = barren
4Diatom preservationDiatom preservMonjanel, Anne-LiseG = good, M = moderate, P = poor
5Actinocyclus curvatulusA. curvatulusMonjanel, Anne-Lise
6Actinocyclus ehrenbergiiA. ehrenbergiiMonjanel, Anne-Lise
7Actinocyclus ellipticusA. ellipticusMonjanel, Anne-Lise
8Actinocyclus oculatusA. oculatusMonjanel, Anne-Lise
9Actinocyclus tenellusA. tenellusMonjanel, Anne-Lise
10Actinoptychus senariusA. senariusMonjanel, Anne-Lise
11Arachnoidiscus spp.Arachnoidiscus spp.Monjanel, Anne-Lise
12Asteromphalus robustusA. robustusMonjanel, Anne-Lise
13Azpeitia noduliferA. noduliferMonjanel, Anne-Lise
14Azpeitia tabularisA. tabularisMonjanel, Anne-Lise
15Bacteriastrum hyalinumB. hyalinumMonjanel, Anne-Lise
16Bacterosira fragilisB. fragilisMonjanel, Anne-Lise
17Chaetoceros spp.Chaetoceros spp.Monjanel, Anne-Lise
18Cocconeis spp.Cocconeis spp.Monjanel, Anne-Lise
19Coscinodiscus asteromphalusC. asteromphalusMonjanel, Anne-Lise
20Coscinodiscus marginatusC. marginatusMonjanel, Anne-Lise
21Coscinodiscus oculus-iridisC. oculus-iridisMonjanel, Anne-Lise
22Coscinodiscus radiatusC. radiatusMonjanel, Anne-Lise
23Coscinodiscus insignisC. insignisMonjanel, Anne-Lise
24Denticulopsis hustedtiiD. hustedtiiMonjanel, Anne-Lise
25Denticulopsis seminaeD. seminaeMonjanel, Anne-Lise
26Diploneis smithiiD. smithiiMonjanel, Anne-Lise
27Diploneis spp.Diploneis spp.Monjanel, Anne-Lise
28Grammatophora spp.Grammatophora spp.Monjanel, Anne-Lise
29Hemidiscus cuneiformisH. cuneiformisMonjanel, Anne-Lise
30Melosira solMelosira solMonjanel, Anne-Lise
31Navicula spp.Navicula spp.Monjanel, Anne-Lise
32Nitzschia fossilisN. fossilisMonjanel, Anne-Lise
33Nitzschia grunowiiN. grunowiiMonjanel, Anne-Lise
34Nitzschia marinaN. marinaMonjanel, Anne-Lise
35Nitzschia reinholdiiN. reinholdiiMonjanel, Anne-Lise
36Nitzschia spp.Nitzschia spp.Monjanel, Anne-Lise
37Odontella auritaO. auritaMonjanel, Anne-Lise
38Opephora sp.Opephora sp.Monjanel, Anne-Lisesp. 1
39Paralia sulcataP. sulcataMonjanel, Anne-Lise
40Porosira glacialisP. glacialisMonjanel, Anne-Lise
41Pseudoeunotia doliolusP. doliolusMonjanel, Anne-Lise
42Pseudopyxilla americanaP. americanaMonjanel, Anne-Lise
43Pseudopyxilla directaP. directaMonjanel, Anne-Lise
44Pterotheca spadaP. spadaMonjanel, Anne-Lise
45Pyxilla spp.Pyxilla spp.Monjanel, Anne-Lise
46Rhaphoneis spp.Rhaphoneis spp.Monjanel, Anne-Lise
47Rhizosolenia barboiR. barboiMonjanel, Anne-Lise
48Rhizosolenia curvirostrisR. curvirostrisMonjanel, Anne-Lise
49Rhizosolenia hebetataR. hebetataMonjanel, Anne-Lise
50Rhizosolenia styliformisR. styliformisMonjanel, Anne-Lise
51Rouxia spp.Rouxia spp.Monjanel, Anne-Lise
52Stellarima microtriasS. microtriasMonjanel, Anne-Lise
53Stephanogonia hanzawaeS. hanzawaeMonjanel, Anne-Lise
54Stephanogonia sp.Stephanogonia sp.Monjanel, Anne-Lisesp. 1
55Stephanopyxis dimorphaS. dimorphaMonjanel, Anne-Lise
56Stephanopyxis horridusS. horridusMonjanel, Anne-Lise
57Stephanopyxis turrisS. turrisMonjanel, Anne-Lise
58Stephanopyxis sp.Stephanopyxis sp.Monjanel, Anne-Lisesp. 3
59Synedra tabulataS. tabulataMonjanel, Anne-Lise
60Thalassionema nitzschioidesT. nitzschioidesMonjanel, Anne-Lise
61Thalassiosira decipiensT. decipiensMonjanel, Anne-Lise
62Thalassiosira eccentricaT. eccentricaMonjanel, Anne-Lise
63Thalassiosira gravidaT. gravidaMonjanel, Anne-Lise
64Thalassiosira grunowiiT. grunowiiMonjanel, Anne-Lise
65Thalassiosira hyalinaT. hyalinaMonjanel, Anne-Lise
66Thalassiosira hyalinopsisT. hyalinopsisMonjanel, Anne-Lise
67Thalassiosira jacksoniiT. jacksoniiMonjanel, Anne-Lise
68Thalassiosira leptopusT. leptopusMonjanel, Anne-Lise
69Thalassiosira nidulusT. nidulusMonjanel, Anne-Lise
70Thalassiosira nordenskioldiiT. nordenskioldiiMonjanel, Anne-Lise
71Thalassiosira oestrupiiT. oestrupiiMonjanel, Anne-Lise
72Thalassiosira trifultaT. trifultaMonjanel, Anne-Lise
73Thalassiosira usatscheviiT. usatscheviiMonjanel, Anne-Lise
74Thalassiosira yabeiT. yabeiMonjanel, Anne-Lise
75Thalassiosira zabelinaeT. zabelinaeMonjanel, Anne-Lise
76Thalassiosira sp.Thalassiosira sp.Monjanel, Anne-Lisesp. 3
77Thalassiosira spp.Thalassiosira spp.Monjanel, Anne-Lise
78Thalassiothrix longissimaT. longissimaMonjanel, Anne-Lise
79Trinacria spp.Trinacria spp.Monjanel, Anne-Lise
8502 data points

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