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Kvavadze, EV et al. (1987): Pollen profile AMTKEL, Amtkel, Georgia. European Pollen Database (EPD), doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.738965,
Supplement to: Kvavadze, Eliso V; Rukhadze, L P; Tretyak, P R; Petrenko, L V (1987): On the migration on high-mountain vegetation belts in the late Holocene in the valley of the Amtqel River (Abkhazia). Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR, 125(2), 421-424, hdl:10013/epic.37431.d001

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The rock mass of fluvial and fluvioglacial deposits of the Late Holocene has been studied at the altitude of 1830 m a.s.l. using the palynologic, carpologic, geomorphologic, and geochronologic methods. It was ascertained that in the mid-Subatlantic period the area of the present-day beech elfin woodland was occupied by a belt of alpine meadows. Thus, the lower border of alpine meadows ran 370-400 m lower than the recent level, pointing to a rather significant cooling of the climate that occurred from ca 2nd cent. A.D.
Latitude: 43.268056 * Longitude: 41.308333
Date/Time Start: 1982-08-15T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1982-08-15T00:00:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.10 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 1.23 m
AMTKEL * * Latitude: 43.268056 * Longitude: 41.308333 * Date/Time: 1982-08-15T00:00:00 * Elevation Start: 1830.0 m * Elevation End: 1.2 m * Location: Amtkel, Georgia * * Device: Spade (SPADE) * * Comment: Right shore of river. Core diameter: 10 cm. Area: 0.3 ha. Lower part of glacial trough. Physiography: Head of river Amtkel. Surrounding vegetation: Subalpine beech elfin woodland.
Method: Treated by KOH, acetolysis.
The EPD ( accepted species name is given in the parameter comment. This dataset was archived on 2010-05-11 from the EPD database.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1DEPTH, sediment/rock *DepthmGeocode
2Abies nordmanniana *Abi.n#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Abies
3Acer *Ace#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Acer campestre-type
4Alismataceae *Aliae#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Indeterminable: unknown
5Alnus *Aln#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Alnus
6Artemisia *Art#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Artemisia
7Betula *Bet#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Betula
8Blechnum spicant *Ble.s#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Blechnum spicant
9Botrychium lunaria *Bot.l#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Botrychium lunaria-type
10Campanula *Cam#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Campanula-type
11Carpinus betulus *Car.b#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Carpinus betulus
12Carpinus orientalis *Car.o#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Ostrya/Carpinus orientalis
13Caryophyllaceae *Cphae#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Caryophyllaceae
14Castanea sativa *Cas.s#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Castanea
15Cerealia-type *Crl-T#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Cerealia-type
16Chenopodiaceae *Cheae#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Chenopodiaceae/Amaranthaceae
17Compositae *Compae#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Compositae
18Corylus *Cor#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Corylus
19Cyperaceae *Cypae#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Cyperaceae
20Diphasium alpinum *Dip.a#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Lycopodium clavatum-type
21Dipsacaceae *Dipae#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Dipsacaceae
22Equisetum *Equ#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Equisetum
23Fagus orientalis *Fag.o#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Fagus
24Fraxinus *Frx#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Fraxinus
25Geraniaceae *Gerae#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Geraniaceae
26Gramineae *Graae#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Gramineae
27Hippophae *Hpp#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Hippophae rhamnoides
28Huperzia selago *Hup.s#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Huperzia selago
29Ilex *Ile#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Ilex
30Indeterminable: unknown *Ind.unkn#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Indeterminable: unknown
31Juglans regia *Jug.r#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Juglans
32Labiatae *Lab#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Labiatae
33Laurocerasus *Lao#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Prunus-type
34Leguminosae *Leg#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Leguminosae
35Ligustrum *Lig#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Ligustrum vulgare-type
36Liliaceae *Lilae#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Liliaceae-type
37Lonicera *Lon#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Lonicera
38Lycopodium clavatum *Lyc.c#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Lycopodium clavatum-type
39Lycopodium undifferentiated *Lyc.ud#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Lycopodiaceae
40Onagraceae *Onaae#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Onagraceae
41Osmunda regalis *Osm.r#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Osmunda regalis
42Picea orientalis *Pic.s#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Picea
43Pinus *Pin#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Pinus
44Plantaginaceae *Plaae#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Plantaginaceae
45Plumbaginaceae *Pluae#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Plumbaginaceae
46Polygonaceae *Polae#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Polygonaceae
47Polypodiaceae undifferentiated *Polae.u#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Dryopteris-type
48Polypodium vulgare *Ppd.v#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Polypodium
49Pteridium undifferentiated *Pte.ud#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Trilete spore(s)
50Pterocarya pterocarpa *Pte.p#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Pterocarya fraxinifolia
51Quercus *Que#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Quercus
52Ranunculaceae *Ranae#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Ranunculaceae
53Rhododendron *Rho#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Rhododendron
54Salix *Sal#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Salix
55Selaginella helvetica *Sel.h#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Selaginella helvetica-type
56Selaginella selaginoides *Sel.s#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Selaginella selaginoides
57Tilia *Til#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Tilia
58Ulmus *Ulm#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Ulmus
59Umbelliferae *Umb#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Umbelliferae
60Urtica *Urt#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Urtica dioica-type
61Valeriana *Val#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Valeriana
62Viburnum *Vib#Kvavadze, Eliso V *Viburnum
854 data points

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