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Le Brocq, Anne M; Payne, Antony J; Vieli, Andreas (2010): Antarctic dataset in NetCDF format. PANGAEA,

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The dataset described in this document has been put together for the purposes of numerical ice sheet modelling of the Antarctic Ice Sheet (AIS), containing data on the ice sheet configuration (e.g. ice surface and ice thickness) and boundary conditions, such as the surface air temperature and accumulation. It is now possible to download a community ice sheet model (e.g. Glimmer-CISM, Rutt et al., 2009 doi:10.1029/2008JF001015), but without adequate data it is difficult to utilise such models. More specifically, ice sheet models that are initialised and run forward from the present day ice sheet configuration, need input data to represent the present-day ice sheet configuration as closely as possible (unlike those spun-up from ice free conditions, which only require the bed/bathymetry). Whilst the BEDMAP dataset (Lythe et al., 2001) was a step forward when it was made, there are a number of inconsistencies within the dataset (see Section 3), and since its release, more data has become available. The dataset described here incorporates some major new datasets (e.g. AGASEA/BBAS ice thickness, Nitsche et al. (2006) bathymetry doi:10.1029/2007GC001694), but by no means incorporates all the new data available. This considerable task is left for a 'BEDMAP2', (an updated version of BEDMAP), however, the processing carried out in this document illustrates the requirements of a dataset for the purpose of high resolution ice sheet modelling, and bridges the gap until a BEDMAP2 is published. It is envisaged, however, that updated versions of the data set will be made available periodically when new regional data sets become available and can be readily incorporated.
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Le Brocq, Anne M; Payne, Antony J; Vieli, Andreas (2010): An improved Antarctic dataset for high resolution numerical ice sheet models (ALBMAP v1). Earth System Science Data, 2(2), 247-260,
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