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Huber, Brian T (1991): (Table 1) Ranges of Paleocene to middle Eocene planktonic foraminifera in ODP Hole 119-738B. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Huber, BT (1991): Paleogene and Early Neogene planktonic foraminifer biostratigraphy of sites 738 and 744, Kerguelen Plateau (Southern Indian Ocean). In: Barron, J; Larsen, B; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 119, 427-449,

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Latitude: -62.709000 * Longitude: 82.787800
Date/Time Start: 1988-01-10T16:30:00 * Date/Time End: 1988-01-11T18:45:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 4.00 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 214.30 m
119-738B * Latitude: -62.709000 * Longitude: 82.787800 * Date/Time Start: 1988-01-10T16:30:00 * Date/Time End: 1988-01-11T18:45:00 * Elevation: -2263.0 m * Penetration: 214.3 m * Recovery: 170.85 m * Location: Indian Ocean * Campaign: Leg119 * Basis: Joides Resolution * Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: 24 cores; 214.3 m cored; 0 m drilled; 79.7 % recovery
Species abundance: A = abundant (>25%), C = common (16-25%), F = few (6-15%), R = rare (<1%), ? = questionable, - = absent. Size fraction = >63 µm
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmGeocode
2Sample code/labelSample labelHuber, Brian TODP sample designation
3EpochEpochHuber, Brian T
4Planktonic foraminifera zonePlank foram zoneHuber, Brian T
5Foraminifera, planktic abundanceForam planktHuber, Brian TA = abundant, C = common, F = few, R = rare
6Foraminifera, planktic preservationForam plankt preservHuber, Brian TG = good, M = moderate, P = poor
7Acarinina cf. collacteaA. cf. collacteaHuber, Brian T
8Acarinina cuneicamerataA. cuneicamerataHuber, Brian T
9Acarinina pentacamerataA. pentacamerataHuber, Brian T
10Acarinina primitivaA. primitivaHuber, Brian T
11Cassigerinelloita amekiensisC. amekiensisHuber, Brian T
12Guembelitria triseriataG. triseriataHuber, Brian T
13Planorotalites australiformisP. australiformisHuber, Brian T
14Planorotalites chapmaniP. chapmaniHuber, Brian T
15Pseudohastigerina micraP. micraHuber, Brian T
16Subbotina cf. hornibrookiS. cf. hornibrookiHuber, Brian T
17Subbotina hardingaeS. hardingaeHuber, Brian T
18Subbotina patagonicaS. patagonicaHuber, Brian T
19Subbotina variantaS. variantaHuber, Brian T
20Subbotina reissiS. reissiHuber, Brian T
21Acarinina broedermanniA. broedermanniHuber, Brian T
22Acarinina soldadoensisA. soldadoensisHuber, Brian T
23Acarinina wilcoxensisA. wilcoxensisHuber, Brian T
24Subbotina velascoensisS. velascoensisHuber, Brian T
25Subbotina linapertaS. linapertaHuber, Brian Ts.s.
26Acarinina coalingensisA. coalingensisHuber, Brian T
27Acarinina matthewsaeA. matthewsaeHuber, Brian T
28Acarinina spinuloinflataA. spinuloinflataHuber, Brian T
29Acarinina bullbrookiA. bullbrookiHuber, Brian T
30Subbotina linapertaS. linapertaHuber, Brian Ts.l.
31Pseudohastigerina sp.Pseudohastigerina sp.Huber, Brian T
32Subbotina eocaenaS. eocaenaHuber, Brian T
33Chiloguembelina cubensisC. cubensisHuber, Brian T
34Muricoglobigerina senniM. senniHuber, Brian T
35Chiloguembelina crinitaC. crinitaHuber, Brian T
36Globigerinatheka indexG. indexHuber, Brian T
37Praetenuitella sp.Praetenuitella sp.Huber, Brian Tvar. 1
38Globorotaloides suteriG. suteriHuber, Brian T
39Morozovella spinulosaM. spinulosaHuber, Brian T
40Acarinina collacteaA. collacteaHuber, Brian T
41Globigerina leroyiG. leroyiHuber, Brian T
42Subbotina corpulentaS. corpulentaHuber, Brian T
43Catapsydrax unicavusC. unicavusHuber, Brian T
44Morozovella cf. quetraM. cf. quetraHuber, Brian T
45Subbotina angiporoidesS. angiporoidesHuber, Brian T
46Globigerina cf. praebulloidesG. cf. praebulloidesHuber, Brian T
47Praetenuitella sp.Praetenuitella sp.Huber, Brian Tvar. 2
48Praetenuitella sp.Praetenuitella sp.Huber, Brian Tvar. 3
49Subbotina spp.Subbotina spp.Huber, Brian T
50Subbotina yeguaensisS. yeguaensisHuber, Brian T
51Acarinina aculeataA. aculeataHuber, Brian T
52Catapsydrax echinatusC. echinatusHuber, Brian T
53Subbotina gortaniiS. gortaniiHuber, Brian T
54Paragloborotalia nanaP. nanaHuber, Brian T
55Globorotaloides aff. testarugosaG. aff. testarugosaHuber, Brian T
56Paragloborotalia pseudocontinuosaP. pseudocontinuosaHuber, Brian T
57Praetenuitella insolitaP. insolitaHuber, Brian T
58Subbotina utilisindexS. utilisindexHuber, Brian T
59Globigerinatheka barriG. barriHuber, Brian T
60Subbotina pseudovenezuelanaS. pseudovenezuelanaHuber, Brian T
61Tenuitella gemmaT. gemmaHuber, Brian T
62Globigerina bulloidesG. bulloidesHuber, Brian T
63Neogloboquadrina pachydermaN. pachydermaHuber, Brian T
64Globorotalia scitulaG. scitulaHuber, Brian T
65Turborotalia quinquelobaT. quinquelobaHuber, Brian T
66Foraminifera, benthicForam bentHuber, Brian T
67Siliceous microfossilsSilic fossHuber, Brian T
6465 data points

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