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Muller, M R; Robinson, C J; Minshull, Tim A; White, R S; Bickle, Michael J (1997): Major and rare earth element concentrations of basalts beneath ODP Hole 118-735B (Table 3). PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Muller, MR et al. (1997): Thin crust beneath ocean drilling program borehole 735B at the Southwest Indian Ridge? Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 148(1-2), 93-107,

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A wide-angle seismic experiment at the Atlantis II Fracture Zone, Southwest Indian Ridge, together with geochemical analyses of dredged basalt glass samples from a site conjugate to Ocean Drilling Program hole 735B has allowed determination of the thickness and the most likely lithological composition of the crust beneath hole 735B. The measured Na, composition of 3.3 +/- 0.1 corresponds to a melt thickness of 3 +/- 1 km, a result consistent with rare earth element inversions which indicate a melt thickness of between 1.5 and 4.5 km. The seismic crustal thickness to the north and south of the Atlantis Platform (on which hole 735B is located) is 4 +/- 1 km, and probably consists largely of magmatic material since the seismic and inferred melt thicknesses agree within experimental uncertainty. Beneath hole 735B itself. the Moho is at a depth of 5 +/- 1 km beneath the seafloor. The seismic model suggests that, on average. about 1 km of upper crust has been unroofed on the Atlantis Platform. However, allowing for the inferred local unroofing of 2 km of upper crust at 735B, the base of the magmatic crust beneath this location is probably about 2 km beneath the seafloor, and is underlain by a 2-3 km thick layer of serpentinised mantle peridotite. The P-wave velocity of 6.9 km/s for the serpentinised peridotite layer corresponds to a 35 +/- 10 vol% serpentine content. The Moho beneath hole 735B probably represents a serpentinisation front.
Latitude: -31.350000 * Longitude: 57.266700
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: m
Each value is the average of 10 measurements. REE were analysed by ICP-MS and isotope dilution (5d-A)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
3DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmGeocode
4Sample code/labelSample labelMuller, M R
5Silicon dioxideSiO2%Muller, M RElectron microprobe
6Silicon dioxide, standard deviationSiO2 std dev±Muller, M RElectron microprobe
7Titanium dioxideTiO2%Muller, M RElectron microprobe
8Titanium dioxide, standard deviationTiO2 std dev±Muller, M RElectron microprobe
9Aluminium oxideAl2O3%Muller, M RElectron microprobe
10Aluminium oxide, standard deviationAl2O3 std dev±Muller, M RElectron microprobe
11Chromium(III) oxideCr2O3%Muller, M RElectron microprobe
12Chromium(III) oxide, standard deviationCr2O3 std dev±Muller, M RElectron microprobe
13Iron oxide, Fe2O3Fe2O3%Muller, M RElectron microprobe
14Iron oxide, FeOFeO%Muller, M RElectron microprobe
15Iron oxide, FeO, standard deviationFeO std dev±Muller, M RElectron microprobe
16Manganese oxideMnO%Muller, M RElectron microprobe
17Manganese oxide, standard deviationMnO std dev±Muller, M RElectron microprobe
18Calcium oxideCaO%Muller, M RElectron microprobe
19Calcium oxide, standard deviationCaO std dev±Muller, M RElectron microprobe
20Potassium oxideK2O%Muller, M RElectron microprobe
21Potassium oxide, standard deviationK2O std dev±Muller, M RElectron microprobe
22Sodium oxideNa2O%Muller, M RElectron microprobe
23Sodium oxide, standard deviationNa2O std dev±Muller, M RElectron microprobe
24Magnesium oxideMgO%Muller, M RElectron microprobe
25Magnesium oxide, standard deviationMgO std dev±Muller, M RElectron microprobe
26Phosphorus oxideP2O5%Muller, M RElectron microprobe
27Phosphorus oxide, standard deviationP2O5 std dev±Muller, M RElectron microprobe
28Magnesium numberMg#Muller, M R
29LanthanumLamg/kgMuller, M R
30Lanthanum, standard deviationLa std dev±Muller, M R
31CeriumCemg/kgMuller, M R
32Cerium, standard deviationCe std dev±Muller, M R
33PraseodymiumPrmg/kgMuller, M R
34Praseodymium, standard deviationPr std dev±Muller, M R
35NeodymiumNdmg/kgMuller, M R
36Neodymium, standard deviationNd std dev±Muller, M R
37SamariumSmmg/kgMuller, M R
38Samarium, standard deviationSm std dev±Muller, M R
39EuropiumEumg/kgMuller, M R
40Europium, standard deviationEu std dev±Muller, M R
41GadoliniumGdmg/kgMuller, M R
42Gadolinium, standard deviationGd std dev±Muller, M R
43TerbiumTbmg/kgMuller, M R
44Terbium, standard deviationTb std dev±Muller, M R
45DysprosiumDymg/kgMuller, M R
46Dysprosium, standard deviationDy std dev±Muller, M R
47HolmiumHomg/kgMuller, M R
48Holmium, standard deviationHo std dev±Muller, M R
49ErbiumErmg/kgMuller, M R
50Erbium, standard deviationEr std dev±Muller, M R
51ThuliumTmmg/kgMuller, M R
52Thulium, standard deviationTm std dev±Muller, M R
53YtterbiumYbmg/kgMuller, M R
54Ytterbium, standard deviationYb std dev±Muller, M R
55LutetiumLumg/kgMuller, M R
56Lutetium, standard deviationLu std dev±Muller, M R
310 data points

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