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Huvenne, Veerle A I; Henriet, Jean Pierre (2002): Trackline data, Belgica Cruise 2001, Porcupine Basin. PANGAEA,

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Huvenne, Veerle A I; Van Rooij, David; Henriet, Jean Pierre (2001): Porcupine Basin, Off western Ireland: Cruise Report: Belgica 01/12. unpublished Cruise Report, Renard Centre for Marine Geology (RCMG), Gent University, Belgium, 18 pp
The Mound Factory: Internal Controls (GEOMOUND)
Median Latitude: 51.008860 * Median Longitude: -11.544818 * South-bound Latitude: 48.809500 * West-bound Longitude: -13.197400 * North-bound Latitude: 52.476600 * East-bound Longitude: -5.000000
Date/Time Start: 2001-05-03T18:19:00 * Date/Time End: 2001-05-10T18:31:00
Minimum DEPTH, water: 4.2 m * Maximum DEPTH, water: 4.2 m
BG0112-track * Latitude Start: 49.849200 * Longitude Start: -5.003300 * Latitude End: 52.312000 * Longitude End: -12.057500 * Date/Time Start: 2001-03-05T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2001-10-05T00:00:00 * Campaign: BG01/12 * Basis: Belgica * Device: Underway cruise track measurements (CT)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
4DEPTH, waterDepth watermGeocode
5CourseCoursedegHenriet, Jean Pierre
6Depth, bathymetricBathy depthmHenriet, Jean PierreEchosounder
7Depth, bathymetricBathy depthmHenriet, Jean PierreEchosounderBathymetry data is obtained from the Furuno bridge echosounder. Bathymetric data is better in shallow water.
8Temperature, waterTemp°CHenriet, Jean PierreCTD
9SalinitySalHenriet, Jean PierreCTD
39481 data points

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