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Mazzocchi, Maria Grazia (2008): MARECHIARA-mesozooplankton long-term time-series at the fixed coastal station in the Gulf of Naples: abundance and biomass, data for the years 1984-2006. Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, PANGAEA,

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The MARECHIARA-mesozooplankton dataset contains mesozooplankton data collected in the ongoing time-series at Sation MC (40°48.5' N, 14°15' E) in the Gulf of Naples. This dataset spans over the period 1984-2006 and contains data of mesozooplankton abundance and species composition as well as biomass (as dry weight). Mesozooplankton was regularly sampled in 1984-1990 and 1995-2006, only a few samples were collected in 1991-1992 and no samples in 1993-1994. During the first period of the series sampling frequency was fortnightly, and weekly since 1995.
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Mazzocchi, Maria Grazia; Buffoni, G; Carotenuto, Y; Pasquali, S; Ribera d'Alcala, Maurizio (2006): Effects of food conditions on the development of the population of Temora stylifera: A modeling approach. Journal of Marine Systems, 62(1-2), 71-84,
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Latitude: 40.808300 * Longitude: 14.250000
Date/Time Start: 1984-01-26T10:30:00 * Date/Time End: 2006-12-27T10:45:00
Marechiara-1 * Latitude: 40.808300 * Longitude: 14.250000 * Location: Tyrrhenian Sea, Gulf of Naples * Campaign: Marechiara_long_term * Basis: Loran * Device: Nansen closing net (NN)
Marechiara-2 * Latitude: 40.808300 * Longitude: 14.250000 * Location: Tyrrhenian Sea, Gulf of Naples * Campaign: Marechiara-2 * Basis: Posillipo * Device: Nansen closing net (NN)
Marechiara-3 * Latitude: 40.808300 * Longitude: 14.250000 * Location: Tyrrhenian Sea, Gulf of Naples * Campaign: Marechiara-3 * Basis: Cormoran * Device: Nansen closing net (NN)
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